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Narayaneeyam Dasakam: 46-Yasoda seeing the universe in the mouth of baby Krishna.

One day Mata Yashoda was cuddling Lord Krishna and playing with him. The child lying on his mother's lap yawned and opened his mouth. Mata Yashoda saw the whole universe in his mouth, the sun, the moon and all the stars, the sky, mountains, rivers, islands, oceans, all the continents, all living as well as non living beings.

One day, the infant Krishna was playing with with your friends, , pluckingfruits, cheated them and ate the fruits gathered by them. Angry with Thee, they went and complained to your mother that you ate mud.When the Supreme Personality of Godhead Krishna was so ordered by His mother, He immediately opened His mouth just like an ordinary boy. Then mother Yasoda saw within that mouth the complete opulence of creation. She saw the entire outer space in all directions, mountains, islands, oceans, seas, planets, air, fire, moon and stars. Along with the moon and the stars she also saw the entire elements, water, sky, the extensive ethereal existence along with the total ego and the products of the senses and the controller of the senses, all the demigods, the objects of the senses like sound, smell, etc., and the three qualities of material nature. 

She also could perceive that within His mouth were all living entities, eternal time, material nature, spiritual nature, activity, consciousness and different forms of the whole creation. Yasoda could find within the mouth of her child everything necessary for cosmic manifestation. She also saw, within His mouth, herself taking Krishna on her lap and having Him sucking her breast. Upon seeing all this, she became struck with awe and began to wonder whether she were dreaming or actually seeing something extraordinary. She concluded that she was either dreaming or seeing the play of the illusory energy of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. She thought she had become mad, mentally deranged, to see all those wonderful things.

Dasakam: 046 -- Slokam: 01
अयि देव पुरा किल त्वयि स्वयमुत्तानशये स्तनन्धये ।
परिजृम्भणतो व्यपावृते वदने विश्वमचष्ट वल्लवी ॥१॥

ayi deva puraa kila tvayi svayamuttaanashaye stanandhaye |
parijR^imbhaNatO vyapaavR^ite vadane vishvamachaShTa vallavii ||

Oh Lord ! Once, when, sucking at Thy mother's breast, Thou lying flat on her lap, opened Thy mouth to yawn, the entire Universe was seen by Yasoda, in it.

Dasakam: 046 -- Slokam: 02
पुनरप्यथ बालकै: समं त्वयि लीलानिरते जगत्पते ।
फलसञ्चयवञ्चनक्रुधा तव मृद्भोजनमूचुरर्भका: ॥२॥

punarapyatha baalakaiH samaM tvayi liilaanirate jagatpate |
phalasa~nchayava~nchanakrudhaa tava mR^idbhOjanamuuchurarbhakaaH || 2

Oh Lord of the universe , at another time ,When you were playing with your friends, , pluckingfruits, cheated them and ate the fruits gathered by them. Angry with Thee, they went and complained to your mother that you ate mud.
Dasakam: 046 -- Slokam: 03 
अयि ते प्रलयावधौ विभो क्षितितोयादिसमस्तभक्षिण: ।
मृदुपाशनतो रुजा भवेदिति भीता जननी चुकोप सा ॥३॥

ayi te pralayaavadhau vibhO kshiti tOyaadi samasta bhakshiNaH |
mR^idupaashanatO rujaa bhavediti bhiitaa jananii chukOpa saa || 3
O Lord! At the time of the deluge Thou do consume everything earth water etc. Yet Thy mother was frightened that Thou may fall sick by eating mud and so she became angry with you..

 Dasakam: 046 -- Slokam: 04
 अयि दुर्विनयात्मक त्वया किमु मृत्सा बत वत्स भक्षिता ।
इति मातृगिरं चिरं विभो वितथां त्वं प्रतिजज्ञिषे हसन् ॥४॥

ayi durvinayaatmaka tvayaa kimu mR^itsaa bata vatsa bhakshitaa |
iti maatR^igiraM chiraM vibhO vitathaaM tvaM pratijaj~niShe hasan || 4

Oh Lord ! When your mother asked you with concern,“ Is it that you have eaten mud Thy mother questioned Thee, for a long time, Thou kept on denying and smilingly kept silent ,Making her feel that her anger is without any effect. 

 Dasakam: 046 -- Slokam: 05
अयि ते सकलैर्विनिश्चिते विमतिश्चेद्वदनं विदार्यताम् ।
इति मातृविभर्त्सितो मुखं विकसत्पद्मनिभं व्यदारय: ॥५॥


ayite sakalairvinishchite vimatishchedvadanaM vidaaryataam |
iti maatR^ivibhartsitO mukhaM vikasatpadmanibhaM vyadaarayaH || 5

Thy mother, not believing Thee, because all the other children had convinced her of it, so she asked Thee“Little one , if you do not agree with, What all these children are telling with certainty, Please open your mouth, let us see.”And without any hesitation, you opened, Your mouth which was like , a just opening lotus flower.
Dasakam: 046 -- Slokam: 06 
अपि मृल्लवदर्शनोत्सुकां जननीं तां बहु तर्पयन्निव ।
पृथिवीं निखिलां न केवलं भुवनान्यप्यखिलान्यदीदृश: ॥६॥

api mR^illavadarshanOtsukaaM jananiiM taaM bahu tarpayanniva |
pR^ithiviiM nikhilaaM na kevalaM bhuvanaanyapyakhilaanyadiidR^ishaH || 6
Thy mother was eager to see just a trace of mud in Thy mouth. As though to please her, and to give her abundant satisfaction Thou showed her in Thy mouth not only this whole earth but the entire universe.

 Dasakam: 046 -- Slokam: 07
कुहचिद्वनमम्बुधि: क्वचित् क्वचिदभ्रं कुहचिद्रसातलम् ।
मनुजा दनुजा: क्वचित् सुरा ददृशे किं न तदा त्वदानने ॥७॥

kuhachidvanamambudhiH kvachitkvachidabhraM kuhachidrasaatalam |
manujaa danujaaH kvachitsuraa dadR^ishe kiM na tadaa tvadaanane || 7

At that time, in Thy mouth what not was seen by Yashodaa? She saw in your open mouth , in one place forests, In another place sea , yet another place the sky,In yet another place nether world, men asuras and devas,And there was nothing that she was not able to see in your mouth ,For all the fourteen worlds and their things were there.
Dasakam: 046 -- Slokam: 08 

कलशाम्बुधिशायिनं पुन: परवैकुण्ठपदाधिवासिनम् ।
स्वपुरश्च निजार्भकात्मकं कतिधा त्वां न ददर्श सा मुखे ॥८॥

kalashaambudhi shaayinaM punaH paravaikuNTha padaadhivaasinam |
svapurashcha nijaarbhakaatmakaM katidhaa tvaaM na dadarsha saa mukhe || 8

Yashodaa saw Thy manifold forms in Thy mouth; In your mouth again she saw you as the one,Who sleeps in the ocean of milk,As the divine one who lived in Vaikunta,And also you as a baby just standing in front of her.And was there any form of yours that she did not see there?

Dasakam: 046 -- Slokam: 09 

विकसद्भुवने मुखोदरे ननु भूयोऽपि तथाविधानन: ।
अनया स्फुटमीक्षितो भवाननवस्थां जगतां बतातनोत् ॥९॥


vikasad bhuvane mukhOdare nanu bhuuyO(a)pi tathaa vidhaananaH |
anayaa sphuTamiikshitO bhavaananavasthaaM jagataaM bataatanOt || 9

Seeing in your mouth, where the whole universe shone clearly, she saw yet another similarface and open mouth, with the whole universe shining in it; within that yet anothermouth, displaying the whole universe and thus an endless revelation of Thy infinite quality. And this clearly explained to her that ,All this world is limitless and temporary. Wonderful indeed!
Dasakam: 046 -- Slokam:1 0
धृततत्त्वधियं तदा क्षणं जननीं तां प्रणयेन मोहयन् ।
स्तनमम्ब दिशेत्युपासजन् भगवन्नद्भुतबाल पाहि माम् ॥१०॥ 

dhR^itatattvadhiyaM tadaa kshaNaM jananiiM taaM praNayena mOhayan |
stanamamba dishetyupaasajan bhagavannadbhutabaala paahi maam ||10
At that time for a moment, Yashoda returned to the world of realty, You charmed her with the very affectionate illusion, And asked from her more milk and lay on her lap, Oh Lord ! who took the form of that wonderful child, please protect me.

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