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Narayaneeyam - Dasakam 87:The story of Kuchela

Dasakam: 87 -- The Kuchela Episode

Krishna and Kuchela studied together under Sandipani Maharshi in his Ashram when they were boys. Many years passed and Krishna was the King of Dwaraka whereas Kuchela was hardly pulling on as a poor brahmin.One day Kuchela's wife tells Kuchela that there is no food in the house. The children were always hungry. It was Kuchela's desire to meet his friend Krishna. Why does he not go and meet him? Kuchela also wants to go. He considers the unexpected opportunity to meet Krishna as a veritable windfall. Before he sets out for Dwaraka to meet Krishna, He asks his wife for a gift to Krishana. She gives him some rice flakes made from borrowed rice and Kuchela He takes care to carry with him, tucked in a corner of his upper cloth, and starts off to meet Krishna. Even as he wends his way towards Dwaraka, his mind is dominated by thoughts about Krishna.On the way he thinks "Will Krishna recognise me? Will he receive me, a poor brahmin? Krishna is so large hearted he will receive any brahmin, even the poorest of the poor." So thinking he proceeds on foot a distance of maybe a hundred miles.

In due course, he reaches Dwaraka and approaches Krishna's mansion. Krishna is sitting in his house with Rukmini when he sees Kuchela coming. He runs off from his couch and rushes towards Kuchela to embrace him and accord him a rousing reception. He clasps his hand affectionately and leads him inside His palace. He sheds tears of joy. He lovingly seats Kuchela on the couch and honours him by laving his feet, applying sandal paste on his feet, offering flowers at his feet, performing dhupa, deepa, etc.  . and treated well. Finally he asks Kuchela what he has brought and forcibly takes the rice flakes and eats two handfuls of it. But when he was about to eat the third time his wife objects saying that she will become a servant of Kuchela if he eats again. Hence he stops eating. Kuchela pleasantly spent one night in the city of Dwaraka, Kuchela and Krishna talk for some time and it is time for kuchela to go.

So the friends part and Kuchela next day returned back home without taking any money . Thinking of telling his wife, “If I had asked , he sure would have given,”And also getting worried as to what he will tell his wife,And slowly getting his mind drowned in your bewitching smile and acts When he reaches home he finds that many riches have come to his house and he can hardly recognize his house. His wife come s out to greet him with great happiness. And wearing several types of ornaments and jewels. And understood that your mercy is greatly wonderful. Though that Kuchela started living in that gem studded house,His devotion daily increased more and more and he attained salvation.

Dasakam: 087 -- Slokam: 01  
कुचेलनामा भवत: सतीर्थ्यतां गत: स सान्दीपनिमन्दिरे द्विज: ।
त्वदेकरागेण धनादिनिस्स्पृहो दिनानि निन्ये प्रशमी गृहाश्रमी ॥१॥
kuchela naamaa bhavataH satiirthyataaM
gataH sa saandiipani mandire dvijaH |
tvadeka raageNa dhanaadi niHspR^ihO
dinaani ninye prashamii gR^ihaashramii || 1
 The Brahmin by the name Kuchela (Sudaamaa) who was studying along with you,In the hermitage of Sandheepini, He was totally devoted to Thee. due to his very great devotion to you, He Led a life with a controlled mind and senses, he spent his days calmly without any worldly desires of wealth etc.1
 Dasakam: 087 -- Slokam: 02 
समानशीलाऽपि तदीयवल्लभा तथैव नो चित्तजयं समेयुषी ।
कदाचिदूचे बत वृत्तिलब्धये रमापति: किं न सखा निषेव्यते ॥२॥
samaana shiilaapi tadiiya vallabhaa
tathaiva nO chittajayaM sameyuShii |
kadaachiduuche bata vR^ittilabdhaye
ramaapatiH kiM na sakhaa niShevyate || 2
His wife who equaled him in nature, had not achieved the same level of desirelessness as him. Once she asked him why should he not approach his friend Krishna, the Consort of Laxmi, for getting some means of livelihood?
Dasakam: 087 -- Slokam: 03 
 इतीरितोऽयं प्रियया क्षुधार्तया जुगुप्समानोऽपि धने मदावहे ।
तदा त्वदालोकनकौतुकाद्ययौ वहन् पटान्ते पृथुकानुपायनम् ॥३॥
itiiritO(a)yaM priyayaa kshudhaa(a)(a)rtayaa
jugupsamaanO(a)pi dhane madaavahe |
tadaa tvadaalOkana kautukaadyayau
vahan paTaante pR^ithukaanupaayanam || 3  
Thus urged by his wife, out of her being afflicted by hunger, Kuchela, though he had hatred towards money that created pride, Due to the desire to see you Kuchela set off for Thy place. He carried A small quantity of beaten rice tied at the end off his cloth as offering to Thee.
Dasakam: 087 -- Slokam: 04
गतोऽयमाश्चर्यमयीं भवत्पुरीं गृहेषु शैब्याभवनं समेयिवान् ।
प्रविश्य वैकुण्ठमिवाप निर्वृतिं तवातिसम्भावनया तु किं पुन: ॥४॥
gatO(a)yamaashcharyamayiiM bhavatpuriiM
gR^iheShu shaibyaabhavanaM sameyivaan |
pravishya vaikuNThamivaapa nirvR^itiM
tavaati sambhaavanayaa tu kiM punaH ||4
Kuchela reached Thy wonderful city and among the many houses, entered the house of Mitravrindaa. Among the houses of your sixteen thousand eight consorts, and felt as if he has entered Vaikunta and was charmed, By the great hospitality shown byThy towards him.
Dasakam: 087 -- Slokam: 05
प्रपूजितं तं प्रियया च वीजितं करे गृहीत्वाऽकथय: पुराकृतम् ।
 यदिन्धनार्थं गुरुदारचोदितैरपर्तुवर्ष तदमर्षि कानने ॥५॥
prapuujitaM taM priyayaa cha viijitaM
kare gR^ihiitvaa(a)kathayaH puraakR^itam |
yadindhanaarthaM gurudaarachOditaiH
apartu varShaM tadamarShi kaanane || 5
After doing him the proper honours, and getting him fanned by Thy consort herself, andtaking hold of his hands, Thou didst converse with him about the various memories ofthose days in the Ashram of Sage Sandipani, and, in particular, about the incidentwhen both of you went to the forest at the instance of Thy teacher's wife, to gather fuel,and were taken unawares by an untimely shower of rain.
Dasakam: 087 -- Slokam: 06
त्रपाजुषोऽस्मात् पृथुकं बलादथ प्रगृह्य मुष्टौ सकृदाशिते त्वया ।
 कृतं कृतं नन्वियतेति संभ्रमाद्रमा किलोपेत्य करं रुरोध ते ॥६॥
trapaajuShO(a)smaatpR^ithukaM balaadatha
pragR^ihya muShTau sakR^idaashite tvayaa |
kR^itaM kR^itaM nanviyateti sambhramaad
ramaa kilOpetya karaM rurOdha te || 6
Due to shyness when Kuchela hesitated to give the offering,brought by him , you forcibly snatched it from his hand,And by the time you took one hand full of that offering,The very nervous Rukhmani who was goddess Lakshmi , rushed to that place ,And stopped your hand saying, “Is this not enough?”.
Dasakam: 087 -- Slokam: 07
भक्तेषु भक्तेन स मानितस्त्वया पुरीं वसन्नेकनिशां महासुखम् ।
बतापरेद्युर्द्रविणं विना ययौ विचित्ररूपस्तव खल्वनुग्रह: ॥७॥
bhakteShu bhaktena sa maanitastvayaa
puriiM vasannekanishaaM mahaasukham |
bataaparedyurdraviNaM vinaa yayau
vichitraruupastava khalvanugrahaH || 7
He was greatly honoured by Thee the devoted of the devotees, and very happily Kuchela pleasantly spent one night in the city of Dwaraka,And next day returned back home without taking any money,. Strange indeed are Thy forms of blessings.
Dasakam: 087 -- Slokam: 08
यदि ह्ययाचिष्यमदास्यदच्युतो वदामि भार्यां किमिति व्रजन्नसौ ।
त्वदुक्तिलीलास्मितमग्नधी: पुन: क्रमादपश्यन्मणिदीप्रमालयम् ॥८॥
yadihyayaachiShya madaasyadachyutO
vadaami bhaaryaaM kimiti vrajannasau |
tvadukti liilaasmita magnadhiiH punaH
kramaadapashyanmaNi diipramaalayam || 8
 Had I but asked for wealth Krishna would surely have given. What shall I tell my wife?' Thus telling himself he walked along immersed in the memories of Thy talks and Thy playful smile. By and by he reached a gem studded splendorous mansion
  Dasakam: 087 -- Slokam: 09 
 किं मार्गविभ्रंश इति भ्रंमन् क्षणं गृहं प्रविष्ट: स ददर्श वल्लभाम् ।
सखीपरीतां मणिहेमभूषितां बुबोध च त्वत्करुणां महाद्भुताम् ॥९॥
kiM maarga vibhramsha iti bhraman kshaNaM
gR^ihaM praviShTaH sa dadarsha vallabhaam |
sakhii pariitaaM maNihema bhuuShitaaM
bubOdha cha tvatkaruNaaM mahaadbhutaam || 9
What have I lost my way?' Thus wondering for a moment he entered the house. He saw his wife adorned in ornaments of gems and gold and surrounded by ladies in waiting. And understood that your mercy is greatly wonderful.
Dasakam: 087 -- Slokam: 10 
 स रत्नशालासु वसन्नपि स्वयं समुन्नमद्भक्तिभरोऽमृतं ययौ ।
 त्वमेवमापूरितभक्तवाञ्छितो मरुत्पुराधीश हरस्व मे गदान् ॥१०॥
sa ratnashaalaasu vasannapi svayaM
samunnamadbhakti bharO(a)mR^itaM yayau |
tvamevamaapuurita bhaktavaanChitO
marutpuraadhiisha harasva me gadaan ||10
Though that Kuchela started living in that gem studded house,His devotion daily increased more and more and he attained salvation,Oh Lord of Guruvayur who fulfills wishes of devotees thus, Please be kind enough to cure all my diseases