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Narayaneeyam Dasakam: 44 -- Naming Ceremony Of Lord Krishna

Naming Ceremony
Gargacharya was the family priest of the Yadavas. He came to Vraja, Nanda’s Gokula, one day at the request of Vasudeva. Nanda duly received him and said, “You are versed in the Vedas. The science of astrology has been propounded by you. Please perform the naming ceremony of these two boys.” Garga replied, “I am known as the priest of the Yadavas. If I conduct the naming ceremony of your son, Kamsa might suspect your son to be the eighth son of Devaki.” Nanda promised strict privacy. Garga performed the ceremony in a quiet and unfrequented place.

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Garga said, “The son of Rohini shall be called Rama or the charming one, as he will charm his friends and relatives by his virtues. He will be called by the name ‘Bala’ on account of his infinite strength. This will be second name. He will bring together all the Yadus and remove all differences, and so he will be called by the name ‘Sankarshana’. This dark complexioned child assumes the human form in every Yuga. He has already appeared in three colours, white (Sukla), red (Rakta) and yellow (Pita). Now he has got the black colour. Therefore his name will be Krishna. Your son has very many names and forms. He will bring you prosperity and delight. He will protect you against all dangers. You will thoroughly triumph over all difficulties. He will bring extreme delight to all Gopas, cows and Gokula as well. O Nanda! Your son is equal to the Lord Narayana by his Guna, form, fame, grandeur and powers.” To increase the transcendental bliss of the cowherd men of Gokula, this child Krsna will always act auspiciously for you. And by His grace only, you will surpass all difficulties.
In conclusion, Garga said , O Nanda Maharaja, this child of yours is as good as Narayana. In His transcendental qualities, opulence, name, fame and influence, He is exactly like Narayana. You should all raise this child very carefully and cautiously.After Gargamuni, having instructed Nanda Maharaja about Krishna, departed for his own home, Nanda Maharaja was very pleased and considered himself full of all good fortune.
Dasakam: 044 -- Shlokam: 01
गूढं वसुदेवगिरा कर्तुं ते निष्क्रियस्य संस्कारान् ।
हृद्गतहोरातत्त्वो गर्गमुनिस्त्वत् गृहं विभो गतवान् ॥१॥
 guuDhaM vasudeva giraa kartuM te niShkriyasya samskaaraan |
hR^idgatahOraa tattvO gargamunistvad gR^ihaM vibhO gatavaan ||

Oh Lord! At Vasudeva's request, Garga Muni an expert at astronomy and astrology, went to Thy house Sage Garga, came to Thy house, to conduct secretly, the ceremonial rites of birth forThee, who art beyond all ceremonies.

Dasakam: 044 -- Shlokam: 02

नन्दोऽथ नन्दितात्मा वृन्दिष्टं मानयन्नमुं यमिनाम् ।
मन्दस्मितार्द्रमूचे त्वत्संस्कारान् विधातुमुत्सुकधी: ॥२॥

nandO(a)tha nanditaatmaa bR^indiShTaM maanayannamuM yaminaam |
mandasmitaardramuuche tvatsamskaaraan vidhaatumutsukadhiiH ||

Nanda was very delighted and he honoured the greatest of all the sages Garga Muni, who was eager to perform the sacraments for Thee. He then, with a gentle smile requested the sage to perform the rites

Dasakam: 044 -- Shlokam: 03
यदुवंशाचार्यत्वात् सुनिभृतमिदमार्य कार्यमिति कथयन् ।
गर्गो निर्गतपुलकश्चक्रे तव साग्रजस्य नामानि ॥३॥

yaduvamshaachaaryatvaatsunibhR^itamidamaarya kaaryamiti kathayan |
gargO nirgata pulakashchakre tava saagrajasya naamaani ||3

Sage Garga said,'O Respected Nanda, since I am the priest of the Yadu clan, wished to perform these functionsunder cover, out of fear of rousing Kamsa's suspicion. Accordingly, the sage, performed the naming ceremony of Thee and Thy elder brother.

Dasakam: 044 -- Shlokam: 04
कथमस्य नाम कुर्वे सहस्रनाम्नो ह्यनन्तनाम्नो वा ।
इति नूनं गर्गमुनिश्चक्रे तव नाम नाम रहसि विभो ॥४॥

kathamasya naama kurve sahasranaamnO hyanantanaamnO vaa |
iti nuunaM gargamunishchakre tava naama naama rahasi vibhO ||4

How should I do the naming of this child? He indeed has thousands of names or rather endless names. O Lord! May be that sage Garga thinking like this, performed Thy naming in great secrecy. 

Dasakam: 044 -- Shlokam: 05
कृषिधातुणकाराभ्यां सत्तानन्दात्मतां किलाभिलपत् ।
जगदघकर्षित्वं वा कथयदृषि: कृष्णनाम ते व्यतनोत् ॥५॥
kR^iShidhaatuNakaaraabhyaaM sattaanandaatmataaM kilaabhilapat |
jagadaghakarShitvaM vaa kathayadR^iShiH kR^iShNa naama te vyatanOt ||

The putting together of the root of the verb Krish and the suffix N, denoting the combining of Existence and absolute Bliss, which is Thy real nature, declaring, the sage gave Thee the name Krishna. Also signifying the drawing away of the sins of the people of the world, the name Krishna was given to Thee.

Dasakam: 044 -- Shlokam: 06

 अन्यांश्च नामभेदान् व्याकुर्वन्नग्रजे च रामादीन् ।
अतिमानुषानुभावं न्यगदत्त्वामप्रकाशयन् पित्रे ॥६॥

anyaashcha naamabhedaan vyaakurvannagraje cha raamaadiin |
atimaanuShaanubhaavaM nyagadattvaamaprakaashayan pitre ||

The sage also gave Thee other different names like Vaasudeva. Then he gave the name Raama etc to Thy elder brother. Having done so, Garg Muni indicated to Thy having superhuman powers and disposition, to Thy father. Yet he did not fully reveal Thy real identity as Lord Himself.

Dasakam: 044 -- Shlokam: 07
स्निह्यति यस्तव पुत्रे मुह्यति स न मायिकै: पुन: शोकै: ।
द्रुह्यति य: स तु नश्येदित्यवदत्ते महत्त्वमृषिवर्य: ॥७॥

snihyati yastava putre muhyati sa na maayikaiH punaH shOkaiH |
druhyati yaH sa tu nashyedityavadatte mahattvamR^iShivaryaH ||

The noble sage, elaborated further to Thy father, averring that,whosoever showed affection to his son, would be free from Maya and worldly sorrows, but those who hated him would be destroyed. Thus the great sage described Thy glory and greatness.

Dasakam: 044 -- Shlokam: 08
जेष्यति बहुतरदैत्यान् नेष्यति निजबन्धुलोकममलपदम् ।
श्रोष्यसि सुविमलकीर्तीरस्येति भवद्विभूतिमृषिरूचे ॥८॥

jeShyati bahutaradaityaan neShyati nijabandhulOkaM amalapadam |
shrOShyati suvimalakiirtiirasyeti bhavadvibhuutiM R^iShiruuche ||

He will conquer many Asuras and will take his own people to the realms of purity. You will have occassions to hear of his untainted pure fame.' Thus the sage spoke of Thy greatness.

Dasakam: 044 -- Shlokam: 09
अमुनैव सर्वदुर्गं तरितास्थ कृतास्थमत्र तिष्ठध्वम् ।
हरिरेवेत्यनभिलपन्नित्यादि त्वामवर्णयत् स मुनि: ॥९॥

amunaiva sarvadurgaM taritaastha kR^itaasthamatra tiShThadhvam |
harirevetyanabhilapannityaadi tvaamavarNayat sa muniH || 9

Without explicitly saying that By his help alone you will be able to overcome all obstacles. Remain with your full faith placed in him.' Thus without saying that Thou were Hari, the sage thus described Thee.

Dasakam: 044 -- Shlokam: 10
गर्गेऽथ निर्गतेऽस्मिन् नन्दितनन्दादिनन्द्यमानस्त्वम् ।
मद्गदमुद्गतकरुणो निर्गमय श्रीमरुत्पुराधीश ॥१०॥

garge(a)tha nirgate(a)sminnandita nandaadi nandyamaanastvam |
madgatamudgatakaruNO nirgamaya shriimarutpuraadhiisha ||

Then Garga Muni went away. Nanda and the others were very delighted and looked after Thee endearingly..Oh Guruvayurappa ! May Thou who went blessed and showered with affection byNanda and others after sage Garga left, show mercy on me and save me.