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Narayaneeyam :Dasakam-93 Lessons from twenty five Gurus

Dasakam: 093 -- Slokam: 01
बन्धुस्नेहं विजह्यां तव हि करुणया त्वय्युपावेशितात्मा
सर्वं त्यक्त्वा चरेयं सकलमपि जगद्वीक्ष्य मायाविलासम् ।
नानात्वाद्भ्रान्तिजन्यात् सति खलु गुणदोषावबोधे विधिर्वा
व्यासेधो वा कथं तौ त्वयि निहितमतेर्वीतवैषम्यबुद्धे: ॥१॥

bandhusnehaM vijahyaaM tava hi karuNayaa tvayyupaaveshitaatmaa
sarvaM tyaktvaa chareyaM sakalamapi jagadviikshya maayaavilaasam |
naanaatvaad bhraantijanyaat sati khalu guNadOShaavabOdhe vidhirvaa
vyaasedhO vaa kathaM tau tvayi nihitamaterviitavaiShamyabuddheH || 1

Oh Lord! Thy grace alone will enable me to abandon my love and affection towards my relatives. And after surrendering my soul in you , leaving out everything. I will wander about looking upon the whole world and I would do both these acts after clearly understanding that as an expression of Maayaa. I am differentiating between good and bad and also do acts of assertion and negation. How can both of these apply to a person whose mind is engrossed in Thee and thereby transcends such notions?
Dasakam: 093 -- Slokam: 02

क्षुत्तृष्णालोपमात्रे सततकृतधियो जन्तव: सन्त्यनन्ता-
स्तेभ्यो विज्ञानवत्त्वात् पुरुष इह वरस्तज्जनिर्दुर्लभैव ।
तत्राप्यात्मात्मन: स्यात्सुहृदपि च रिपुर्यस्त्वयि न्यस्तचेता-
स्तापोच्छित्तेरुपायं स्मरति स हि सुहृत् स्वात्मवैरी ततोऽन्य: ॥२॥

  kshuttR^iShNaalOpamaatre satatakR^itadhiyO jantavaH santyanantaastebhyO
vij~naanavattvaat puruSha iha varastajjanirdurlabhaiva |
tatraapyaatmaa(a)(a)tmanaH syaatsuhR^idapi cha ripuryastvayi nyastachetaastaapOchChitterupaayaM
smarati sa hi suhR^it svaatmavairii tatO(a)nyaH || 2

There are countless beings who are always absorbed in satisfying their hunger and thirst. Among them,a man who is superior for being endowed with a discriminative mind. And to get to be born as man is indeed very rare. And even among these men, some of them become their own enemy or friend, . A person whose mind is absorbed in Thee And  who keeps his devotion in you and find a way out of all pain,And enemy is the one who is not like that and suffers.2

  Dasakam: 093 -- Slokam: 03

त्वत्कारुण्ये प्रवृत्ते क इव नहि गुरुर्लोकवृत्तेऽपि भूमन्
सर्वाक्रान्तापि भूमिर्नहि चलति ततस्सत्क्षमां शिक्षयेयम् ।
गृह्णीयामीश तत्तद्विषयपरिचयेऽप्यप्रसक्तिं समीरात्
व्याप्तत्वञ्चात्मनो मे गगनगुरुवशाद्भातु निर्लेपता च ॥३

tvatkaaruNye pravR^itte ka iva na hi gururlOkavR^itte(a)pi bhuuman
sarvaakraantaa(a)pi bhuumirnahi chalati tatassatkshamaaM shikshayeyam |
gR^ihNiiyaamiisha tattadviShayaparichaye(a)pyaprasaktiM samiiraat
vyaaptatvaM chaatmanO me gaganaguruvashaadbhaatu nirlepataa cha || 3

O Lord of the Universe! When Thy grace illumines the functioning of this world,from whom one can learn several valuable lessons and imbibe many noble qualities. I will learn the lesson of true forbearance from the earth that does not move inspite of being oppressed by all. And from that I would learn the quality of patience, The air is always in contact with various objects but which stays unaffected by the myriad objects it comes into contact with; I would understand from wind that , though I do have contact,With many things I should not have any attachment with anything, I would learn from Space that even though,which is all pervasive and taintless. Soul is in every being it should not get tainted by all that.

   स्वच्छ: स्यां पावनोऽहं मधुर उदकवद्वह्निवन्मा स्म गृह्णां
सर्वान्नीनोऽपि दोषं तरुषु तमिव मां सर्वभूतेष्ववेयाम् ।
पुष्टिर्नष्टि: कलानां शशिन इव तनोर्नात्मनोऽस्तीति विद्यां
तोयादिव्यस्तमार्ताण्डवदपि च तनुष्वेकतां त्वत्प्रसादात् ॥४॥

Dasakam: 093 -- Slokam: 04

 स्नेहाद्व्याधात्तपुत्रप्रणयमृतकपोतायितो मा स्म भूवं
प्राप्तं प्राश्नन् सहेय क्षुधमपि शयुवत् सिन्धुवत्स्यामगाध: ।
मा पप्तं योषिदादौ शिखिनि शलभवत् भृङ्गवत्सारभागी
भूयासं किन्तु तद्वद्धनचयनवशान्माहमीश प्रणेशम् ॥५॥

svachChaH syaaM paavanO(a)haM madhura udakavadvahnivanmaa sma gR^ihNaaM
sarvaanniinO(a)pi dOShaM taruShu tamiva maaM sarvabhuuteShvaveyaam |
puShTirnaShTiH kalaanaaM shashina iva tanOrnaatmanO(a)stiiti vidyaaM
tOyaadivyastamaartaaNDavadapi cha tanuShvekataaM tvatprasaadaat ||4

Like water I would be without dirt and wash away dirt from everything And would be sweet for every one,Like the fire in spite of eating different types of food, I would not get affected by the food that I eat,Like the fire that burns from different types of wood, Being the same , I would understand my soul is no different ,From the millions of the soul in this world, From the growth and diminishing phase of the moon,I would understand all changes are for the body, And does not affect the soul inside and not only that, By Thy grace, may I realise that soul is same, the oneness of all individual bodies, even while appearing to be different reflected images of the sun in universal like water, mirrors, etc.

Dasakam: 093 -- Slokam: 05

 मा बद्ध्यासं तरुण्या गज इव वशया नार्जयेयं धनौघं
हर्तान्यस्तं हि माध्वीहर इव मृगवन्मा मुहं ग्राम्यगीतै: ।
नात्यासज्जेय भोज्ये झष इव बलिशे पिङ्गलावन्निराश:
सुप्यां भर्तव्ययोगात् कुरर इव विभो सामिषोऽन्यैर्न हन्यै ॥६॥

snehaadvyaadhaasta putra vyasanamR^ita kapOtaayitO maa sma bhuuvaM
praaptaM praashnan saheya kshudhamapi shayuvat sindhuvatsyaamagaadhaH |
maapaptaM yOShidaadau shikhini shalabhavat bhR^ingavatsaarabhaagii
bhuuyaasaM kintu tadvaddhanachayanavashaanmaa(a)hamiisha praNesham || 5

From the Dove, which perishes while trying to save its loved ones from the hunter, may I learn the lesson Let me not destroy myself due to excessive attachment. Like a python I will learn to eat whenever I get food, And starve and bear it when no food is available. Python which eats only what, by chance, comes its way; let me strive to be content. Like an ocean I would be serene and deep teaches me to be calm and unfathomable. Like the firefly let me not fall in the fire, May I learn to resist the blandishments of the fair sex, etc.from the Moth, which, being attracted by the fire, falls into it and perishes. Let me be like a bee and extract the essence out of things,And let me not accumulate wealth like a bee and perish because of it.5

 Dasakam: 093 -- Slokam: 06

 वर्तेय त्यक्तमान: सुखमतिशिशुवन्निस्सहायश्चरेयं
कन्याया एकशेषो वलय इव विभो वर्जितान्योन्यघोष: ।
त्वच्चित्तो नावबुध्यै परमिषुकृदिव क्ष्माभृदायानघोषं
गेहेष्वन्यप्रणीतेष्वहिरिव निवसान्युन्दुरोर्मन्दिरेषु ॥७॥

maa badhyaasaM taruNyaa gaja iva vashayaa naarjayeyaM dhanaughaM
hartaa(a)nyastaM hi maadhvii hara iva mR^igavanmaa muhaM graamyagiitaiH |
naatyaasajjeya bhOjye jhaSha iva baDishe pingalaavanniraashaH
supyaaM bhartavya yOgaat kurara iva vibhO saamiShO(a)nyairna hanyai || 6
O Lord! May I not be captivated by attractive women, unlike the male elephant which is imprisoned by getting attracted by a she elephant? Let me not earn wealth in plenty because it is taken away by others,For like the hunter taking away the honey. even as honey stored by the Honey-bee is, by the honey gatherers. Like that Someone would definitely snatch wealth away from me . Let me not be attracted into a snare by sweet words, , unlike the deer which is charmed by vulgar music. May I not be too attached to food like a fish that falls to the bait. Like Pingalaa may I sleep soundly without a care. O Lord! May I not be kill me for the attachment to wealth,Like the Karara bird in the manner of the Kurara Bird, being attacked by other birds in order to snatch the meat from its mouth and  being killed for the meat.6
 Dasakam: 093 -- Slokam: 07

 त्वय्येव त्वत्कृतं त्वं क्षपयसि जगदित्यूर्णनाभात् प्रतीयां
त्वच्चिन्ता त्वत्स्वरूपं कुरुत इति दृढं शिक्षये पेशकारात् ।
विड्भस्मात्मा च देहो भवति गुरुवरो यो विवेकं विरक्तिं
धत्ते सञ्चिन्त्यमानो मम तु बहुरुजापीडितोऽयं विशेषात् ॥८॥

varteya tyaktamaanaH sukhamati shishuvannissahaayashchareyaM
kanyaayaa ekasheShO valaya iva vibhO varjitaanyOnyaghOShaH |
tvachchittO naavabudhyai paramiShukR^idiva kshmaabhR^idaayaana ghOShaM
geheShvanya praNiiteShvahiriva nivasaanyundurOrmandireShu || 7

May I, like a small child live in happiness and not spoiled by pride. May I roam about insolitude, free from the noise like a solitary bangle on a maiden's wrist, I will move about restricting myself from all other noises of contacts and conflicts May my mind be absorbed in Thee and not know anything beyond that like the arrow maker who does not know the announcement of the king's coming. May I live in houses made by others, and so be not attached to any house, like the snake who lives in the holes made by rats7
 Dasakam: 093 -- Slokam: 08
त्वय्येव त्वत्कृतं त्वं क्षपयसि जगदित्यूर्णनाभात् प्रतीयां
त्वच्चिन्ता त्वत्स्वरूपं कुरुत इति दृढं शिक्षये पेशकारात् ।
विड्भस्मात्मा च देहो भवति गुरुवरो यो विवेकं विरक्तिं
धत्ते सञ्चिन्त्यमानो मम तु बहुरुजापीडितोऽयं विशेषात् ॥८॥

tvayyeva tvatkR^itaM taM kshapayasi jagadityuurNa naabhaatpratiiyaaM
tvachchintaa tvatsvaruupaM kuruta iti dR^iDhaM shikshaye peshakaaraat |
viDbhasmaatmaa cha dehO bhavati guruvarO yO vivekaM viraktiM
dhatte sanchintyamaanO mama tu bahurujaa piiDitO(a)yaM visheShaat || 8

From the spider, which, after spinning its web out of threads emanating from its body,later draws the thread into itself, may I realize that that the Universe created by Thee, is absorbed into Thee, by Thee alone. From the beetle, I learn that constant meditation upon Thee confers Thy form. Above all, this human body which is full of dirt from birth to death and which turns to ashes after death it is a great teacher. If we examine properly that body makes us understand the wisdom, Of the difference between soul and non soul and also teaches renunciation, And to me, my body affected by many diseases teaches wisdom and detachment.

 Dasakam: 093 -- Slokam: 09

 ही ही मे देहमोहं त्यज पवनपुराधीश यत्प्रेमहेतो-
र्गेहे वित्ते कलत्रादिषु च विवशितास्त्वत्पदं विस्मरन्ति ।
सोऽयं वह्नेश्शुनो वा परमिह परत: साम्प्रतञ्चाक्षिकर्ण-
त्वग्जिह्वाद्या विकर्षन्त्यवशमत इत: कोऽपि न त्वत्पदाब्जे ॥९॥

hii hii me dehamOhaM tyaja pavanapuraadhiisha yatperamahetOH
gehe vitte kalatraadiShu cha vivashitaastvatpadaM vismaranti |
sO(a)yaM vahneH shunO vaa paramiha parataH saamprataM chaakshikarNa
tvagjihvaadyaa vikarShantyavashamata itaH kO(a)pi na tvatpadaabje || 9 

Alas, alas, Oh Lord of Guruvayur , please drive away my attachment to my body,For being in love with this body and thinking of home, wealth , wife and children, and so we forget Thy lotus feet. In the end this body becomes food to fire, dogs, etc. after death,while, when alive, the sense organs (eyes, ears, skin and tongue) drag the human being hither and thither, back and forth, towards their objects, But There is none to take us to Thy lotus feet.

 Dasakam: 093 -- Slokam: 10

 दुर्वारो देहमोहो यदि पुनरधुना तर्हि निश्शेषरोगान्
हृत्वा भक्तिं द्रढिष्ठां कुरु तव पदपङ्केरुहे पङ्कजाक्ष ।
नूनं नानाभवान्ते समधिगतममुं मुक्तिदं विप्रदेहं
क्षुद्रे हा हन्त मा मा क्षिप विषयरसे पाहि मां मारुतेश ॥१०॥

durvaarO dehamOhO yadi punaradhunaa tarhi nishsheSharOgaan
hR^itvaa bhaktiM draDhiShThaaM kuru tava padapankeruhe pankajaaksha |
nuunaM naanaabhavaante samadhigatamimaM muktidaM vipradehaM
kshudre haa hanta maa maa kshipa viShayarase paahi maaM maarutesha10

O Lotus Eyed Lord! But now I find it very difficult to leave this attachment to my body,Oh God with lotus like eyes, please cure all the afflictions of my body, And make strong in me, the devotion to your lotus like feet, And most certainly , do not push this my Brahmin’s body,Which was got after very many manifold births, And which would help one get salvation,In to the very base attraction lowly sensuous pleasures, and Oh Lord of Guruvayur! , please protect me.