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Narayaneeyam Dasakam: 72 -- Akrura's Journey

The time for Kamsa's death was fast approaching.Narada, the divine sage, who ever acts as the instrument to carry out Lord'swishes, went to Kamsa and said, "O Kamsa, you have been tricked. Devaki's eighth son still lives in the house of Nanda, in Vraja. The female child that yousought to kill was Yasoda's baby. The two were exchanged on the night ofKrishna's birth. Krishna and his brother Balarama have killed all the asuras you sent to kill them."
Kamsa was terribly agitated and angered by this news. He drew out his sword andrushed to kill Vasudeva. But Narada stopped him and explained that Vasudeva was quite innocent. Kamsa sent for Akroora, one of the chiefs of the Yadava clan. "Akroora, my dearfriend," he said. "You are trusted wherever you go. Please go to Vraja. Takethis chariot with you. Bring back the two sons of Vasudeva. Tell them that they have been invited by me to witness the Dhanur-Yagna and to see the sights of the town.
Akrura was requested by Kamsa to arrive in Vrndavana by evening. After receiving instruction from Kamsa, Akrura started the next morning via chariot for Vrndavana. Because Akrura himself was a great devotee of the Lord, while going to Vrndavana he began to praise to the Lord. Devotees are always absorbed in thoughts of Krishna, and Akrura was constantly thinking of Lord Krishna,'s lotus eyes.
Akrura was afraid, however, of being deputed by Kamsa, the enemy of Krsna. He thought, "I am going to see Krsna as a messenger of the enemy." And at the same time, he thought, "Krsna is in each and everyone's heart as the Supersoul, so He must know my heart." Although Akrura was trusted by the enemy of Krsna, his heart was clear. He was a pure devotee of Krsna. He risked Kamsa's wrath just to meet Krsna. He was certain that although he was going as a representative of Kamsa, Krsna would not accept him as an enemy.
He did not know what sort of pious activities he must have done to gain an opportunity to go see Lord Krishna,. Akrura thought that if Krishna,willed, he would be able to see Him. Akrura considered him most fortunate that he was going to see Krishna, whom great mystic yogis desire to see. He was confident that on that day all the sinful reactions of his past life would be finished and his fortunate human form of life would be successful. Akrura also considered that he was very much favored by Kamsa, who was sending him to bring back Krishna,and Balarama and thus enabling him to see the Lord. 
Akrura continued to consider that formerly great sages and saintly persons were liberated from the material world simply by seeing the shining nails of the lotus feet of Krishna, All along the way he was immersed in Thy thoughts alone - 'Shall I be blessed to meet the Supreme Being who is the subject of all Vedic hymns? Will I be able to touch him even slightly? Will he embrace me? What will he say to me? Where will I see him?' He went along the way thinking in this manner.
Akrura saw Thee and Balaraam, both neat and tidy after the evening bath, dressed in beautiful yellow and blue garments, wearing a few ornaments and looking charming in appearance. A soft smile played on Thy gentle faces.

Dasakam: 072 -- Slokam: 01

कंसोऽथ नारदगिरा व्रजवासिनं त्वा-
माकर्ण्य दीर्णहृदय: स हि गान्दिनेयम् ।
आहूय कार्मुकमखच्छलतो भवन्त-
मानेतुमेनमहिनोदहिनाथशायिन् ॥१॥

kamsO(a)tha naaradagiraa vrajavaasinaM tvaa
maakarNyadiirNa hR^idayassa hi gaandineyam |
aahuuya kaarmukamakhachChalatO bhavantamaanetu-
menamahinO-dahinaatha shaayin || 1
Then when Kansa came to know from Naarada that, Thou, O Lord! Resting on the serpent king! Were residing in Vraja, his heart was full of fear. He called for Akrura, the son of Gaandini, and sent him for Thee under the pretext of inviting Thee to witness Dhanur-Yagna festival.

Dasakam: 072 -- Slokam: 02

अक्रूर एष भवदंघ्रिपरश्चिराय
त्वद्दर्शनाक्षममना: क्षितिपालभीत्या ।
तस्याज्ञयैव पुनरीक्षितुमुद्यतस्त्वा-
मानन्दभारमतिभूरितरं बभार ॥२॥

akruura eSha bhavadanghri parashchiraaya
tvaddarshanaakshamamanaaH kshitipaalabhiityaa |
tasyaaj~nayaiva punariikshitumudyatastvaa
maanandabhaaramatibhuuritaraMbabhaara || 2

This Akrura for long was Thy devotee Thee since long, but was not able to see Thee owing tofear of Kamsa. He felt it was impossible to see Thee. Now he was overwhelmed with intense joy when by the order of the king himself he was preparing to see and meet Thee.

Dasakam: 072 -- Slokam: 03

सोऽयं रथेन सुकृती भवतो निवासं
गच्छन् मनोरथगणांस्त्वयि धार्यमाणान् ।
आस्वादयन् मुहुरपायभयेन दैवं
सम्प्रार्थयन् पथि न किञ्चिदपि व्यजानात् ॥३॥

sOyaM rathena sukR^itii bhavatO nivaasaM
gachChanmanOratha gaNaamstvayi dhaaryamaaNaan |
aasvaadayanmuhurapaaya bhayena daivaM
sampraarthayan pathi na ki~nchidapi vyajaanaat || 3
That Blessed Akroora who was coming in a chariot to see you, On the way his innumerable thoughts were centered around Thee and so he again and again experienced Thy presence.Again and again remembering his wishes regarding you and enjoying them, Thee and praying to God all the timeto remove all obstacles to the coming meeting. He did not know about anything that was happening outside him
 Dasakam: 072 -- Slokam: 04

द्रक्ष्यामि वेदशतगीतगतिं पुमांसं
स्प्रक्ष्यामि किंस्विदपि नाम परिष्वजेयम् ।
किं वक्ष्यते स खलु मां क्वनु वीक्षित: स्या-
दित्थं निनाय स भवन्मयमेव मार्गम् ॥४॥

drakshyaami vedashatagiitagatiM pumaamsaM
sprakshyaami kimsvidapi naama pariShvajeyam |
kiM vakshyate sa khalu maaM kvanu viikshitaH syaat
itthaM ninaaya sa bhavanmayameva maargam ||4
All through the journey, Akrura was immersed in the following thoughts,“Would I be able to see him who has been sung about by Vedas? Will I be able to touch him even slightly? Will he embrace me? What will he say to me? Where would I be able to see him? He went along the way thinking in this manner.
  Dasakam: 072 -- Slokam: 05

भूय: क्रमादभिविशन् भवदंघ्रिपूतं
वृन्दावनं हरविरिञ्चसुराभिवन्द्यम् ।
आनन्दमग्न इव लग्न इव प्रमोहे
किं किं दशान्तरमवाप न पङ्कजाक्ष ॥५॥

bhuuyaH kramaadabhivishan bhavadanghripuutaM
bR^indaavanaM haraviri~nchasuraabhivandyam |
aanandamagna iva lagna iva pramOhe
kiM kiM dashaantaramavaapa na pankajaaksha || 5
Thereafter, as he gradually entered Brindavan, sanctified by Thy lotus feet, and worshipped by even Siva, Brahma and other gods, he was, as it were, completely immersed in Bliss, or under a spell. O Lotus-eyed Lord ! What states of ecstasy did henot experience then !

 Dasakam: 072 -- Slokam: 06

 पश्यन्नवन्दत भवद्विहृतिस्थलानि
पांसुष्ववेष्टत भवच्चरणाङ्कितेषु ।
किं ब्रूमहे बहुजना हि तदापि जाता
एवं तु भक्तितरला विरला: परात्मन् ॥६॥

pashyannavandata bhavadvihR^itisthalaani
paamsuShvaveShTata bhavachcharaNaankiteShu |
kiM bruumahe bahujanaa hi tadaa(a)pi jaataa
evaM tu bhaktitaralaa viralaaH paraatman || 6

He saluted and worshipped the spots where you had played,He rolled in the dust which had the stamp of your lotus like feet,Oh Supreme divine being , what shall I say? In those days too, therewere many people on the earth, but very few, indeed, whose devotion was comparable in intensity with that of Akrura.

  Dasakam: 072 -- Slokam: 07

सायं स गोपभवनानि भवच्चरित्र-
गीतामृतप्रसृतकर्णरसायनानि ।
पश्यन् प्रमोदसरितेव किलोह्यमानो
गच्छन् भवद्भवनसन्निधिमन्वयासीत् ॥७॥

saayaM sa gOpabhavanaani bhavachcharitra
giitaamR^ita prasR^ita karNarasaayanaani |
pashyan pramOdasariteva kilOhyamaanO
gachChan bhavadbhavana sannidhimanvayaasiit || 7
 Akrura reached the vicinity of Thy residence by dusk. He passed by the houses of the Gopas from where flowed the soothing to the ear, nectar like strains sung about Thy sportive deed. Seeing this.and walked as if he was floating in the river of joy

 Dasakam: 072 -- Slokam: 08

तावद्ददर्श पशुदोहविलोकलोलं
भक्तोत्तमागतिमिव प्रतिपालयन्तम् ।
भूमन् भवन्तमयमग्रजवन्तमन्त-
र्ब्रह्मानुभूतिरससिन्धुमिवोद्वमन्तम् ॥८॥

taavaddadarsha pashudOha vilOkalOlaM
bhaktOttamaagatimiva pratipaalayantam |
bhuuman bhavantamayamagrajavantamantaH
brahmaanubhuutirasa sindhumivOdvamantam || 8
 O Infinite Lord!, As soon as Akroora reached your presence,He saw thee with Balarama interestingly seeing the milking of the cows, and it seemed like Thou were awaiting the arrival of a great devotee (Akrura himself)

  Dasakam: 072 -- Slokam: 09

द्वौ पीतनीलरुचिराम्बरलोभनीयौ ।
मन्दस्मितार्द्रवदनौ स युवां ददर्श ॥९॥

saayantanaaplava visheSha viviktagaatrau
dvau piitaniila ruchiraambara lObhaniiyau |
naatiprapa~ncha dhR^itabhuuShaNa chaaruveShau
mandasmitaardravadanau sa yuvaaM dadarsha || 9
Akrura saw Thee and Balaraam, both neat and tidy after the evening bath, dressed in beautiful yellow and blue garments, wearing a few ornaments and looking charming in appearance. A soft smile played on Thy gentle faces.

 Dasakam: 072 -- Slokam: 10

दूराद्रथात्समवरुह्य नमन्तमेन-
मुत्थाप्य भक्तकुलमौलिमथोपगूहन् ।
हर्षान्मिताक्षरगिरा कुशलानुयोगी
पाणिं प्रगृह्य सबलोऽथ गृहं निनेथ ॥१०॥

duuraadrathaatsamavaruhya namantamenam
utthaapya bhaktakulamauli mathOpaguuhan |
harShaanmitaakshara giraa kushalaanuyOgii
paaNiM pragR^ihya sabalO(a)tha gR^ihaM ninetha || 10

The crown of the devotees Akrura got down from the chariot. Thou lifted him up in great joy as he prostrated before Thee. Thou didst lift him up and embrace him with great pleasure;and, enquiring about his welfare with a few words Holding his hand Thou and Balaraam led him to Thy house.

  Dasakam: 072 -- Slokam:11

नन्देन साकममितादरमर्चयित्वा
तं यादवं तदुदितां निशमय्य वार्ताम् ।
गोपेषु भूपतिनिदेशकथां निवेद्य
नानाकथाभिरिह तेन निशामनैषी: ॥११॥

nandena saakamamitaadaramarchayitvaa
taM yaadavaM taduditaaM nishamayya vaartaam |
gOpeShu bhuupati nidesha kathaaM nivedya
naanaakathaabhiriha tena nishaamanaiShiiH || 11
After doing the honours to that Yadava (Akrura), along with Nandagopa, and and listened to the message of his mission. Thou communicated to the Gopas about the news of the king's command. That night Thou spent conversing with Akrura on various matters.

 Dasakam: 072 -- Slokam:12

चन्द्रागृहे किमुत चन्द्रभगागृहे नु
राधागृहे नु भवने किमु मैत्रविन्दे ।
धूर्तो विलम्बत इति प्रमदाभिरुच्चै-
राशङ्कितो निशि मरुत्पुरनाथ पाया: ॥१२॥

chandraagR^ihe kimuta chandrabhagaa gR^ihe nu
raadhaa gR^ihe nu bhavane kimu maitravinde |
dhuurtO vilambata iti pramadaabhiruchchaiH
aashankitO nishi marutpuranaatha paayaaH ||12
That night Thou failed to meet the Gopikas., the Gopikas imagined Thee of deceitfully spending the night with one or the other of Thy several beloveds, such as Chandra, Chandrabhaga,Radha, or Mitravinda. O Lord of Guruvayur, may Thou protect me.