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Narayaneeyam - Dasakam 89Slaying of Vrkasura and Testing of Bhrigu

Slaying of Vrkasura and Testing of Bhrigu
Lord Brahma, Lord Visnu, Lord Siva and others are able to curse or bless one. Lord Siva and Lord Brahma are very quick to curse or bestow benedictions, my dear King, but the infallible Supreme Lord is not. n this connection, an ancient historical account is related concerning how the Lord of Kailasa Mountain was put into danger by offering a choice of benedictions to the demon Vrka. The demon named Vrka, a son of Sakuni's, once met Narada on the road. The wicked fellow asked him which of the three chief gods could be pleased most quickly. Narada told him: Worship Lord Siva and you will soon achieve success. He quickly becomes pleased by seeing his worshiper's slightest good qualities -- and quickly angered by seeing his slightest fault. He became pleased with ten-headed Ravana, and also with Bana, when they each chanted his glories, like bards in a royal court. Lord Siva then bestowed unprecedented power upon each of them, but in both cases he was consequently beset with great difficulty. Thus advised, the demon proceeded to worship Lord Siva at Kedaranatha by taking pieces of flesh from his own body and offering them as oblations into the sacred fire, which is Lord Siva's mouth.
Vrkasura became frustrated aher failing to obtain a vision of the lord. Finally, on the seventh day, after dipping his hair into the holy waters at Kedaranatha and leaving it wet, he took up a hatchet and prepared to cut off his head. But at that very moment the supremely merciful Lord Siva rose up out of the sacrificial fire, looking like the god of fire himself, and grabbed both arms of the demon to stop him from killing himself, just as we would do. By Lord Siva's touch, Vrkasura once again became whole. Lord Siva said to him: My friend, please stop, stop! Ask from me whatever you want, and I will bestow that boon upon you. Alas, you have subjected your body to great torment for no reason, since I am pleased with a simple offering of water from those who approach me for shelter. The benediction sinful Vrka chose from the lord would terrify all living beings. Vrka said, "May death come to whomever I touch upon the head with my hand."
Upon hearing this, Lord Rudra seemed somewhat disturbed. Nonetheless, O descendant of Bharata, he vibrated om to signify his assent, granting Vrka the benediction with an ironic smile, as if giving milk to a poisonous snake.: To test Lord Siva’s benediction, the demon then tried to put his hand on the Lord's head. Thus Siva was frightened because of what he himself had done. As the demon pursued him, Lord Siva fled swiftly from his abode in the north, shaking with terror. He ran as far as the limits of the earth, the sky and the corners of the universe. The great demigods could only remain silent, not knowing how to counteract the benediction. Then Lord Siva reached the luminous realm of Vaikuntha, beyond all darkness, where the Supreme Lord Narayana is manifest. That realm is the destination of renunciants who have attained peace and given up all violence against other creatures. Going there, one never returns.
Like a lion who rushes towards the rescuer, Vrikaasura rushed towards Shiva. Lord Shiva ran about in all directions in panic of the Asura, and kept looking backwards. Everyone in the whole world kept quiet. Then from far Thou saw Shiva as he was about to reach Thy abode. Then, in the guise of a clever Brahmachaari Thou stood waiting for the Asura.
 Hail to you O son of Shakuni! Why are you needlessly running about, placing your faith in this ghost? If you doubt my words, O dear One! Test for yourself by placing your fingers on your own head.' Be fooled by these words of Thine, he placed his hand on his head and immediately fell down dead as an uprooted tree. Such is the fate of the people who worship other deities. What more, Thou are the ultimate refuge of even Shiva.
Some saints who were doing penance in the banks of river Saraswathi,Wanting to know who has maximum sathva qualities among the trinity,Deputed, sage Brugu to find it out and when he approached Brahma, He first went to Satyalokam, the abode of the three-headed Brahma (who is also attributed to have four heads) and found him busily chanting the Vedas with one face, uttering the name of Narayana with another and looking at Goddess Saraswati with the third. He took no notice of Bhrigu. Bhrigu resented the want of courtesy on the part of Brahma. Bhrigu then went to Siva's abode (Kailasam). Here too, he found Siva absorbed in sporting with his consort. Siva even became indignant at Bhrigu’s intrusion. Finally, Bhrigu went to Vaikuntam, the abode of Vishnu and found Vishnu and Sri Maha Lakshmi reclining on Adisesha. Disgusted, Bhrigu kicked Vishnu on the chest, where Sri Maha Lakshmi was reclining. Vishnu immediately got up, massaged the rishi's foot and enquired if he had been injured. Pleased with Vishnu’s attention, Bhrigu returned to the rishis and advised them to dedicate the fruit of their sacrifice to Vishnu.
And showed disrespect to him, he got extremely angry but controlled his temper, But in case of Lord Shiva, he was so irked that he rushed to kill the saint,But was prevented by Goddess Parvathi from doing it and then he came to you. When Bhrigu went to Thee, O Lotus eyed! Thou were sleeping on Laxmi's lap. He hit Thee on the chest with his foot. Thou got up in good humour and asked for pardon for everything and told him that the mark of his foot would always remain as a decoration on his chest. The great ascetics residing near the Saraswati river decided that Thou were the most Saatvic of the Trinity. They firmly anchored their devotion into Thee and attained union with Lord Narayana.
Dasakam: 089 -- Slokam: 1
रमाजाने जाने यदिह तव भक्तेषु विभवो न सद्यस्सम्पद्यस्तदिह मदकृत्त्वादशमिनाम् । प्रशान्तिं कृत्वैव प्रदिशसि तत: काममखिलं प्रशान्तेषु क्षिप्रं न खलु भवदीये च्युतिकथा ॥१॥
ramaajaane jaane yadiha tava bhakteShu vibhavO
na sadyaH sampadyastadiha madakR^ittvaadashaminaam |
prashaantiM kR^itvaiva pradishasi tataH kaamamakhilaM
prashaanteShu kshipraM na khalu bhavadiiyechyuti kathaa || 1
Oh consort of Lakshmi that prosperity does not ,Increase suddenly to your devotees because it also increases their pride, And because of this you bless them with prosperity and wealth,Only after they have attained the state of perfect mental tranquility,But in case one has it already , there is no delay in granting him wealth.
Dasakam: 089 -- Slokam:2
सद्य: प्रसादरुषितान् विधिशङ्करादीन् केचिद्विभो निजगुणानुगुणं भजन्त: । भ्रष्टा भवन्ति बत कष्टमदीर्घदृष्ट्या स्पष्टं वृकासुर उदाहरणं किलास्मिन् ॥२॥
sadyaH prasaadaruShitaan vidhishankaraadiin
kechidvibhO nijaguNaanuguNaM bhajantaH |
bhraShTaa bhavanti bata kaShTamadiirghadR^iShTyaa
spaShTaM vR^ikaasura udaaharaNaM kilaasmin || 2
O Lord! Brahama, Shiva and others who are pleased and angered quickly, are worshipped by people in accordance with their own nature. Alas! They are led to disgrace by their shortsightedness. This is indeed clear by the example of Vrikaasura.
Dasakam: 089 -- Slokam:3
शकुनिज: स तु नारदमेकदा त्वरिततोषमपृच्छदधीश्वरम् । स च दिदेश गिरीशमुपासितुं न तु भवन्तमबन्धुमसाधुषु ॥३॥
shakunijaH sa tu naaradamekadaa
tvarita tOShamapR^ichChadadhiishvaram |
sa cha didesha giriishamupaasituM
na tu bhavantamabandhumasaadhuShu || 3
Vrikaasura, the son of Shakuni once asked Naarada as to which Diety was the easiest to please. Naarada instructed him to worship Shiva and not Thee who are not supportive towards evil minded people.
Dasakam: 089 -- Slokam:4
 तपस्तप्त्वा घोरं स खलु कुपित: सप्तमदिने शिर: छित्वा सद्य: पुरहरमुपस्थाप्य पुरत: । अतिक्षुद्रं रौद्रं शिरसि करदानेन निधनं जगन्नाथाद्वव्रे भवति विमुखानां क्व शुभधी: ॥४॥
tapastaptvaa ghOraM sa khalu kupitaH saptamadine
shirashChitvaa sadyaH puraharamupasthaapya purataH |
atikshudraM raudraM shirasi karadaanena nidhanaM
jagannaathaadvavre bhavati vimukhaanaaM kva shubhadhiiH ||4
Getting no response after doing severe penance to Siva, (for six days), Vrikasura lost his temper on the seventh day and, by threatening to cut off his own head, he Compelled Siva to appear before him, immediately.  Vrikasura asked, of that Lord of the universe, Shiva, he sought a very mean and cruel boon that on who-so-ever's head he placed his hand would die immediately. How can good sense prevail upon people who are indifferent to Thee?
Dasakam: 089 -- Slokam:5
 मोक्तारं बन्धमुक्तो हरिणपतिरिव प्राद्रवत्सोऽथ रुद्रं दैत्यात् भीत्या स्म देवो दिशि दिशि वलते पृष्ठतो दत्तदृष्टि: । तूष्णीके सर्वलोके तव पदमधिरोक्ष्यन्तमुद्वीक्ष्य शर्वं दूरादेवाग्रतस्त्वं पटुवटुवपुषा तस्थिषे दानवाय ॥५॥
mOktaaraM bandhamuktO hariNapatiriva praadravat sO(a)tharudraM
daityaadbhiityaa smadevO dishi dishi valate pR^iShThatO dattadR^iShTiH |
tuuShNiike sarvalOke tava padamadhirOkshyantamudviikshya sharvaM
duuraadevaagratastvaM paTuvaTu vapuShaa tasthiShe daanavaaya || 5
Like a lion who rushes towards the rescuer, Vrikaasura rushed towards Shiva. Lord Shiva ran about in all directions in panic of the Asura, and kept looking backwards. Everyone in the whole world kept quiet. Then from far Thou saw Shiva as he was about to reach Thy abode. Then, in the guise of a clever Brahmachaari Thou stood waiting for the Asura.
Dasakam: 089 -- Slokam:6
भद्रं ते शाकुनेय भ्रमसि किमधुना त्वं पिशाचस्य वाचा सन्देहश्चेन्मदुक्तौ तव किमु न करोष्यङ्गुलीमङ्गमौलौ । इत्थं त्वद्वाक्यमूढ: शिरसि कृतकर: सोऽपतच्छिन्नपातं भ्रंशो ह्येवं परोपासितुरपि च गति: शूलिनोऽपि त्वमेव ॥६
bhadraM te shaakuneya bhramasi kimadhunaa tvaM pishaachasya vaachaa
sandehashchenmaduktau tava kimu na karOShyanguliimangamaulau |
itthaM tvadvaakya muuDhaH shirasi kR^itakaraH sO(a)patachChinna paataM
bhramshO hyevaM parOpaasiturapi cha gatiH shuulinO(a)pi tvameva || 6
When you told him, “Oh Son of Shakuni , victory to you, Why are you running hither and thither hearing the words of a ghost? Suppose you do not have any belief in me , can you not place your hand on your head,”And that foolish Asura who believed all that you told him, Kept his own hand on his own head and fell dead like a log, And like this destruction is definite to those who pray to other Gods,And not only that even for Shiva you are the only support.
Dasakam: 089 -- Slokam:7
भृगुं किल सरस्वतीनिकटवासिनस्तापसा- स्त्रिमूर्तिषु समादिशन्नधिकसत्त्वतां वेदितुम् । अयं पुनरनादरादुदितरुद्धरोषे विधौ हरेऽपि च जिहिंसिषौ गिरिजया धृते त्वामगात् ॥७॥
bhR^iguM kila sarasvatiinikaTa vaasinastaapasaaH
trimuurtiShu samaadishannadhikasattvataaM veditum |
ayaM punaranaadaraaduditaruddharOShe vidhau
hare(a)pi cha jihimsiShau girijayaa dhR^ite tvaamagaat || 7
Once the ascetics residing on the banks of the river Saraswati assigned sage Bhrigu to test who among the Trinity was more inclined towards Saatvic guna. Bhrigu went to Brahmaa who was enraged, but he controlled his anger, when Bhrigu showed his disrespect. Next he went to Shiva and behaved with him in the same manner. Shiva was eager to kill him but was restricted by Paarvati. Then Bhrigu went to Thee
Dasakam: 089 -- Slokam:8
 सुप्तं रमाङ्कभुवि पङ्कजलोचनं त्वां विप्रे विनिघ्नति पदेन मुदोत्थितस्त्वम् । सर्वं क्षमस्व मुनिवर्य भवेत् सदा मे त्वत्पादचिन्हमिह भूषणमित्यवादी: ॥८॥
suptaM ramaankabhuvi pankajalOchanaM tvaaM
vipre vinighnati padena mudOtthitastvam |
sarvaM kshamasva munivarya bhavetsadaa me
tvatpaadachihnamiha bhuuShaNamityavaadiiH || 8
That Brahmin kicked you , who was lotus eyed and was lying with your head,On the lap of Goddess Lakshmi but without showing any displeasure ,You suddenly got up , and told him, “ Oh sage ,please pardon me ,Let your foot print become a permanent decoration on my body.”
Dasakam: 089 -- Slokam:9
 निश्चित्य ते च सुदृढं त्वयि बद्धभावा: सारस्वता मुनिवरा दधिरे विमोक्षम् । त्वामेवमच्युत पुनश्च्युतिदोषहीनं सत्त्वोच्चयैकतनुमेव वयं भजाम: ॥९॥
nishchitya te cha sudR^iDhaM tvayi baddhabhaavaaH
saarasvataa munivaraa dadhire vimOksham |
tvaamevamachyuta punashchyuti dOShahiinaM
satvOchchayaika tanumeva vayaM bhajaamaH || 9
Those sages on the bank of river Saraswathi having understood, That you possessed Sathvic qualities to the highest degree possible, Kept the greatest devotion on you and over time attained salvation,Oh Achyutha who is the personification of sole Sathva guna aspect,Without any further delay, we will worship you only.
Dasakam: 089 -- Slokam:10
जगत्सृष्ट्यादौ त्वां निगमनिवहैर्वन्दिभिरिव स्तुतं विष्णो सच्चित्परमरसनिर्द्वैतवपुषम् । परात्मानं भूमन् पशुपवनिताभाग्यनिवहं परितापश्रान्त्यै पवनपुरवासिन् परिभजे ॥१०॥
jagatsR^iShTyaadau tvaaM nigamanivahairvandibhiriva
stutaM viShNO sachchitparamarasa nirdvaitavapuSham |
paraatmaanaM bhuuman pashupa vanitaa bhaagya nivahaM
pariitaapashraantyai pavanapuravaasin paribhaje ||10
Oh Lord of Guruvayur! who was praised like the minstrels,By the Vedas at the time of formation of this universe,Who is the form of pure divine and endless joy,Who is the form of the divine Brahmam ,Who is the sum total of the luck of Gopis,Oh Lord Vishnu, Oh God who is in everything,I pray you for the removal of all my sorrows.