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Narayaneeyam Dasakam:94 Means of Enlightenment

(How a wise man gets philosophical approach in him is described)
Dasakam: 094 -- Slokam: 01
 शुद्धा निष्कामधर्मै: प्रवरगुरुगिरा तत्स्वरूपं परं ते
शुद्धं देहेन्द्रियादिव्यपगतमखिलव्याप्तमावेदयन्ते ।
नानात्वस्थौल्यकार्श्यादि तु गुणजवपुस्सङ्गतोऽध्यासितं ते
वह्नेर्दारुप्रभेदेष्विव महदणुतादीप्तताशान्ततादि ॥१॥

shuddhaa niShkaamadharmaiH pravaragurugiraa tatsvaruupaM paraM te
shuddhaM dehendriyaadi vyapagatamakhila vyaaptamaavedayante |
naanaatva sthaulya kaarshyaadi tu guNaja vapuH sangatO(a)dhyaasitaM te
vahnerdaaruprabhedeShvivamahadaNutaa diiptataa shaantataadi ||1

The Supreme, all-pervasive, pure and immaculate (untainted by Maya) aspect of theLord, which is distinct from the body, sense organs etc, is realized by those who, with Minds cleansed by unmotivated and disinterested actions, receive advice and guidance from the best of preceptors. As for the qualities of multiplicity, stoutness, thinness etc., which are in association with the bodies constituted of the three gunas, are super imposed on Thee. the Supreme Brahman, arising out of association with the three Gunas (inherent nature or qualities) namely, Sathva, Rajas and Tamas,similar to descriptions of fire as big, small, bright or dim, according to the nature of the wood that is being burnt

Dasakam: 094 -- Slokam: 02
ण्यावेधोद्भासितेन स्फुटतरपरिबोधाग्निना दह्यमाने ।
दाह्याभावेन विद्याशिखिनि च विरते त्वन्मयी खल्ववस्था ॥२॥

aachaaryaakhyaadhara sthaaraNi samanumilachChiShya ruupOttaraara-
NyaavedhOdbhaasitena sphuTatara paribOdhaagninaa dahyamaane |
karmaaliivaasanaa tatkR^ita tanubhuvana bhraanti kaantaara puure
daahyaabhaavena vidyaashikhini cha virate tvanmayii khalvavasthaa 2

The fire of knowledge is ignited by the striking of two fire sticks, the lower one represents the teachings of the teacher, and the upper one the disciple (who comes seeking the knowledge). This fire illuminates perfectly clear knowledge and burns the forest full of many tendencies and desires which are an effect of past actions, and also the ignorance of identification with the body and the world. When such a forest is burnt up, the fire (of knowledge) for want of fuel also subsides (in Thee). Then the state of total merger in Thee alone remains.2

Dasakam: 094 -- Slokam: 03
 एवं त्वत्प्राप्तितोऽन्यो नहि खलु निखिलक्लेशहानेरुपायो
नैकान्तात्यन्तिकास्ते कृषिवदगदषाड्गुण्यषट्कर्मयोगा: ।
दुर्वैकल्यैरकल्या अपि निगमपथास्तत्फलान्यप्यवाप्ता
मत्तास्त्वां विस्मरन्त: प्रसजति पतने यान्त्यनन्तान् विषादान्॥३

evaM tvat praaptitO(a)nyO na hi khalu nikhilakleshahaanerupaayO
naikaantaatyantikaaste kR^iShivadagada ShaaTguNyaShaTkarmayOgaaH |
durvaikalyairakalyaa api nigamapathaa statphalaanyapyavaaptaa
mattaastvaaM vismarantaH prasajati patane yaantyanantaan viShaadaan || 3
Other than the attainment of Thee, certainly, the other means of eradicating sufferings, which are resorted to, like cultivation, medicine, the six gunas, the six steps of Yoga etc., are ultimately ineffective in completely removing or the recurrence of all sufferings. The rituals prescribed in the Vedas are hard to perform or practice, due to unavoidable and insurmountable obstacles and inadequacies, such as, lack of time, constraints on resources, capacity of the performer, etc. Indeed, one who manages to perform these successfully, and get results, often becomes proud of his achievement and forgets Thee, which brings about  this decline and endless misery.

Dasakam: 094 -- Slokam: 04

 त्वल्लोकादन्यलोक: क्वनु भयरहितो यत् परार्धद्वयान्ते
त्वद्भीतस्सत्यलोकेऽपि न सुखवसति: पद्मभू: पद्मनाभ ।
एवं भावे त्वधर्मार्जितबहुतमसां का कथा नारकाणां
तन्मे त्वं छिन्धि बन्धं वरद् कृपणबन्धो कृपापूरसिन्धो ॥४॥
tvallOkaadanyalOkaH kvanu bhayarahitO yatparaardhadvayaante
tvadbhiitaH satyalOke(a)pi na sukhavasatiH padmabhuuH padmanaabha |
evaM bhaave tvadharmaarjita bahutamasaaM kaa kathaa naarakaaNaaM
tanme tvaM Chindhi bandhaM varada kR^ipaNabandhO kR^ipaapuura sindhO ||4

Oh Padmanabha !, There are no other worlds which are fear free like Vaikunta,At the time of deluge even the Brahma gets scared in Sathya loka ,Due to his being completely engulfed in your divine form, and when this is so,What would the fate of the householders who do actions devoid of Dharma ,And have earned in their life endless sufferings and so Oh God, O Bestower of Boons! O Ocean full of mercy!I request you alone to cut off all my attachments completely.

Dasakam: 094 -- Slokam: 05
 याथार्थ्यात्त्वन्मयस्यैव हि मम न विभो वस्तुतो बन्धमोक्षौ
मायाविद्यातनुभ्यां तव तु विरचितौ स्वप्नबोधोपमौ तौ ।
बद्धे जीवद्विमुक्तिं गतवति च भिदा तावती तावदेको
भुङ्क्ते देहद्रुमस्थो विषयफलरसान्नापरो निर्व्यथात्मा ॥५॥

yaathaarthyaat tvanmayasyaiva hi mama na vibhO vastutO bandhamOkshau
maayaa vidyaa tanubhyaaM tava tu virachitau svapna bOdhOpamau tau |
baddhe jiivadvimuktiM gatavati cha bhidaa taavatii taavadekO
bhunkte dehadrumasthO viShayaphalarasaan naaparO nirvyathaatmaa ||5

In truth and essence, I am a part of you and, hence, I am neither "bound" nor"liberated". Thy two aspects of Maya and knowledge manifest, indeed, like dreaming and awakeningsubtle powers of Maya and Knowledge, in the same way as the (imaginary) distinction between the "dream" and "waking" states. The only difference between these two is one who is attached ,And one who is detached is only like the difference between these states, And while the attached one enjoys pleasures sitting on the tree called body,The detached one who enjoys the everlasting joy ,Does not enjoy the fruits called worldly life and so is not attached.

Dasakam: 094 -- Slokam: 06

 जीवन्मुक्तत्वमेवंविधमिति वचसा किं फलं दूरदूरे
तन्नामाशुद्धबुद्धेर्न च लघु मनसश्शोधनं भक्तितोऽन्यत् ।
तन्मे विष्णो कृषीष्ठास्त्वयि कृतसकलप्रार्पणं भक्तिभारं
येन स्यां मङ्क्षु किञ्चिद् गुरुवचनमिलत्त्वत्प्रबोधस्त्वदात्मा ॥६॥
jiivanmuktatvamevaM vidhamiti vachasaa kiM phalaM duuraduure
tannaamaashuddhabuddherna cha laghu manasaH shOdhanaM bhaktitO(a)nyat |
tanme viShNO kR^iShiiShThaastvayi kR^itasakalapraarpaNaM bhaktibhaaraM
yena syaam mankshu ki~nchid guruvachana milat tvatprabOdhastvadaatmaa ||6

Of what use are the words about the state of liberation in the embodied soul? This concept is farfetched for the impure minded. There is no way other than devotion for the mind to be even a bit purified. and so Oh Lord Vishnu, Please bless me with staunch devotion to you where, I surrender everything to you, using which , I would speedily, Get salvation with minimum teaching from a Guru

Dasakam: 094 -- Slokam: 07
 शब्द्ब्रह्मण्यपीह प्रयतितमनसस्त्वां न जानन्ति केचित्
कष्टं वन्ध्यश्रमास्ते चिरतरमिह गां बिभ्रते निष्प्रसूतिम् ।
यस्यां विश्वाभिरामास्सकलमलहरा दिव्यलीलावतारा:
सच्चित्सान्द्रं च रूपं तव न निगदितं तां न वाचं भ्रियासम् ॥७॥

shabda brahmaNyapiiha prayatitamanasastvaaM na jaananti kechit
kaShTaM vandhya shramaaste chirataramiha gaaM bibhrate niShprasuutim |
yasyaaM vishvaabhiraamaaH sakalamalaharaa divyaliilaavataaraaH
sachchitsaandraM cha ruupaM tava na nigaditaM taaM na vaachaM bhriyaasam7

There are some others who completely believe only in the study of Vedas and other scriptures and do not care to know Thee. Oh God, they are not understanding, that they are working unnecessarily, For those who carry those sayings which do not give rise to devotion, Are like those who are breeding a cow which is barren, And, Oh God, May I never utter any word that does not recount Thy glorious incarnations, charming, sportive activities that delight the listeners and purge the mind of impurities, and also describe your form of supreme divine joy.

Dasakam: 094 -- Slokam: 08
 यो यावान् यादृशो वा त्वमिति किमपि नैवावगच्छामि भूम्-
न्नेवञ्चानन्यभावस्त्वदनुभजनमेवाद्रिये चैद्यवैरिन् ।
त्वल्लिङ्गानां त्वदङ्घ्रिप्रियजनसदसां दर्शनस्पर्शनादि-
र्भूयान्मे त्वत्प्रपूजानतिनुतिगुणकर्मानुकीर्त्यादरोऽपि ॥८॥

yO yaavaan yaadR^ishO vaa tvamiti kimapi naivaavagachChaami bhuuman
evaM chaananya bhaavastvadanu bhajanamevaadriye chaidyavairin |
tvallingaanaaM tvadanghri priyajanasadasaaM darshanasparshanaadiH
bhuuyaanme tvatprapuujaa nati nuti guNa karmaanu kiirtyaadarO(a)pi ||8

Oh God who is everywhere, I do not know anything of your form, your importance, And your activities and this is certain, . In spite of my little understanding Oh God who gave salvation to even Shishupala, Even at this stage let my mind not waver and let me with great attention, Pray Only you and be able to see and touch your idols as well as your devotees, And let my mind be engaged in your worship, salutation, prayer, And singing of your great qualities always.

Dasakam: 094 -- Slokam: 09
 यद्यल्लभ्येत तत्तत्तव समुपहृतं देव दासोऽस्मि तेऽहं
त्वद्गेहोन्मार्जनाद्यं भवतु मम मुहु: कर्म निर्मायमेव ।
सूर्याग्निब्राह्मणात्मादिषु लसितचतुर्बाहुमाराधये त्वां
त्वत्प्रेमार्द्रत्वरूपो मम सततमभिष्यन्दतां भक्तियोग: ॥९॥

yadyallabhyeta tattattava samupahR^itaM deva daasO(a)smi te(a)haM
tvadgehOnmaarjanaadyaM bhavatu mama muhuH karma nirmaayameva |
suuryaagni braahmaNaatmaadiShu lasita chaturbaahumaaraadhaye tvaam
tvatpremaardratvaruupO mama satatamabhiShyandataaM bhaktiyOgaH ||9

O Lord! Whatever comes to me, I offer to Thee. I am Thy servant. May I always be in Thy service without fail, like cleaning Thy temple etc. May I worship Thy resplendent four armed form in the sun, fire, Brahmin and the soul. May I, forever, practice devotion to Thee in the form of melting of the heart. Through devotion continuously flow and always without stop and turn in to a continuous flow of love for Thee.

Dasakam: 094 -- Slokam: 10
 ऐक्यं ते दानहोमव्रतनियमतपस्सांख्ययोगैर्दुरापं
त्वत्सङ्गेनैव गोप्य: किल सुकृतितमा प्रापुरानन्दसान्द्रम् ।
भक्तेष्वन्येषु भूयस्स्वपि बहुमनुषे भक्तिमेव त्वमासां
तन्मे त्वद्भक्तिमेव द्रढय हर गदान् कृष्ण वातालयेश ॥१०॥

aikyaM te daana hOma vrrata niyama tapassaankhyayOgairduraapaM
tvatsangenaiva gOpyaH kila sukR^ititamaaH praapuraanandasaandram |
bhakteShvanyeShu bhuuyassvapi bahumanuShe bhaktimeva tvamaasaaM
tanme tvadbhaktimeva draDhaya hara gadaan kR^iShNa vaataalayesha ||10

The Gopikas  were truly blessed, in that, by their wholehearted devotion, they attained supreme bliss and one-ness with Thee, which is unattainable by other means, such as, charity, sacrifice, penance, austerities, etc or the methods prescribed in the Sankhya and Yoga. Amongst Thy innumerable devotees, the Gopis occupy a unique position and esteem in Thine  eyes.O Krishna, Lord of Guruvayur ! May Thou strengthen my devotion to Thee and cure all my ailments.