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Narayaneeyam:Dasakam: 79- Rukmani Kalyanam

Bhishmaka was making lavish arrangements for his daughter’s marriage with Shishupala. Bhishmaka and Shishupala’s father, Damaghosha, individually performed the propitiatory rituals and offered gifts to the brahmanas with reverence. In the meanwhile, Rukmini was getting restless as the brahmana she had sent to Krishna had not returned even after dusk. She was apprehensive that her action was impulsive and had earned Krishna’s displeasure. She also doubted that it did not have the approval of the divine couple Maheshvara and Parvati, their tutelary deities. While Rukmini’s thoughts were oscillating between uncertainty and hope, the brahmana’s arrival in the inner apartments infused life and delight in her. When Bhishmaka heard of the arrival of Balarama and Krishna, he thought they had come with eagerness to participate in the wedding festivities of Rukmini. He extended a wonderful welcome to the honourable guests.

            The people of Vidarbha were all admiration for Krishna. They thought he would be an ideal match for their princess and prayed that God should make the union possible. Rukmini was led to the temple of Ambika, next morning, in a well guarded procession. Rukmini meditating on Krishna, entered the temple along with the wives of the brahmanas. Those women asked her to pray to the family gods to bless her with the good fortune of having Krishna as her husband. These words were pleasing to the heart as they were a resonance of her thoughts. The brahmana wives made the necessary propitiation's to the Goddess along with Rukmini and she broke her fast by par taking the remnants of the offering. As she came out of the temple, she looked round to spot Krishna. Not knowing the secret of Rukmini's plans nor Rukmi's decision, the hearts of the numerous kings assembled to try their luck were throbbing expectantly.

When she approached Krishna, he effortlessly lifted her and drove her away in his chariot. While Shishupala’s friends thought that the marriage between him and Rukmini was a forgone conclusion, they stood aghast at the turn of events. Jarasandha and many other kings cursed themselves for helplessly looking on while a mere cowherd carried away the coveted prize. They said, “Fie upon us to call ourselves warriors. We are unworthy of wielding the bow and arrow.” The enemy army chasing Krishna’s chariot, faced a severe blow and they soon marched a retreat. Crest fallen Shishupala was comforted by Jarasandha who quoted his own case as a morale booster. He said, “I have been defeated by Krishna seventeen times but I am not demoralized. I am still hopeful of a win against that cowherd boy. Krishna’s luck is at present in the ascendancy. But in the near future, it will surely come down like the rim of a wheel, when we can ensure our victory over him.” The lion with his pride shattered, was somewhat consoled and he returned, licking his wounds.
    Rukmi took it as a personal insult because this match had been opposed by him from the very beginning. He refused to accept defeat. His mind was overpowered by two thoughts, revenge on Krishna and the recovery of his dear sister. He vowed not to rest in peace till he had successfully executed his resolve. He attacked Krishna with great vigour but all his arrows were arrested and his sword broken to pieces. When Krishna was about to kill Rukmi, Rukmini fell at his feet and pleaded to spare her brother’s life. Out of respect for her words, he tied him with a cloth. Shaving half of his head and beard, Krishna inflicted the most severe humiliation on Rukmi.

Rukmi decided to keep away from his kingdom, ashamed of facing people with his disfigurement and also he had not yet carried out his vow. He built a huge city named Bhojakuta, on the outskirts of his kingdom and established himself there, not to move out till he had avenged his insult. Krishna and Rukmini were received with thunderous welcome. Amidst all round celebration, they were married. Though the Krishna-Rukmini episode evoked astonishment, it was conducive to universal acclaim. Krishna being the Supreme Lord and Rukmini his divine consort, their union was inevitable on earth.
Dasakam: 079 -- Slokam: 01

बलसमेतबलानुगतो भवान् पुरमगाहत भीष्मकमानित: ।
द्विजसुतं त्वदुपागमवादिनं धृतरसा तरसा प्रणनाम सा ।।१॥
balasameta balaanugatO bhavaan puramagaahata bhiiShmaka maanitaH |
dvijasutaM tvadupaagama vaadinaM dhR^itarasaa tarasaa praNanaama saa ||1

On reaching Kundina,, followed by an army led by Balarama, And was received properly by Bheeshmaka the father of Rukmani, And hearing from the Brahmin lad about Thy arrival, She was filled with extreme happiness and paid due respects to him.

Dasakam: 079 -- Slokam: 02

भुवनकान्तमवेक्ष्य भवद्वपुर्नृपसुतस्य निशम्य च चेष्टितम् ।
विपुलखेदजुषां पुरवासिनां सरुदितैरुदितैरगमन्निशा ॥२॥

bhuvana kaantamavekshya bhavadvapuH nR^ipasutasya nishamya cha cheShTitam |
vipula khedajuShaaM puravaasinaaM saruditai ruditairagamannishaa ||2

The public of Kundina saw Thy most beautiful form in the world, and heard about the ill effort of Rukmi, the king's son. They were smitten with great sorrow with the state of affairs in the city and spent a sleepless night sadly and tearfully talking about it all.

Dasakam: 079 -- Slokam: 03
तदनु वन्दितुमिन्दुमुखी शिवां विहितमङ्गलभूषणभासुरा ।
निरगमत् भवदर्पितजीविता स्वपुरत: पुरत: सुभटावृता ॥३॥
tadanu vanditumindumukhii shivaaM vihita mangala bhuuShaNa bhaasuraa |
niragamadbhava darpita jiivitaa svapurataH purataH subhaTaavR^itaa ||3

Then, the next morning, the moon faced beauty Rukmini, who had already dedicated her life to Thee, came out of her chambers to worship Paarvati. She was bedecked with auspicious ornaments and attire and was well surrounded by the guards.

Dasakam: 079 -- Slokam: 04

कुलवधूभिरुपेत्य कुमारिका गिरिसुतां परिपूज्य च सादरम् ।
मुहुरयाचत तत्पदपङ्कजे निपतिता पतितां तव केवलम् ॥४॥

kula vadhuubhirupetya kumaarikaa girisutaaM paripuujya cha saadaram |
muhura yaachata tatpada pankaje nipatitaa patitaaM tava kevalam ||4

That princess Rukmani went along with respectable women, And offered worshipto Godedess Parvathi with devotion, And fell at the lotus feet of that goddess and again and again, Prayed that Thou alone should be her husband.

Dasakam: 079 -- Slokam: 05

समवलोककुतूहलसङ्कुले नृपकुले निभृतं त्वयि च स्थिते ।
नृपसुता निरगाद्गिरिजालयात् सुरुचिरं रुचिरञ्जितदिङ्मुखा ॥५॥

samavalOka kutuuhala sankule nR^ipakule nibhR^itaM tvayi cha sthite |
nR^ipasutaa niragaad girijaalayaat suruchiraM ruchira~njita di~Nmukhaa ||5

When other kings were jostling with each other to see Rukmani, Thou stood among them peacefully,That princess Rukmani came out of the temple, goddess Paarvati, in a charming mannerLighting up the entire area with her great radiating beauty.

Dasakam: 079 -- Slokam: 06
भुवनमोहनरूपरुचा तदा विवशिताखिलराजकदम्बया ।
त्वमपि देव कटाक्षविमोक्षणै: प्रमदया मदयाञ्चकृषे मनाक् ॥६॥
bhuvana mOhana ruuparuchaa tadaa vivashi taakhila raaja kadambayaa |
tvamapi deva kaTaaksha vimOkshaNaiH pramadayaa madayaaM chakR^iShe manaak ||6

Then the enthralling beauty Rukmini bewitched the entire assembly of kings gathered there. Thou also, O Lord! Were somewhat enchanted by her as she cast her sidelong glances.

Dasakam: 079 -- Slokam: 07
क्वनु गमिष्यसि चन्द्रमुखीति तां सरसमेत्य करेण हरन् क्षणात् ।
समधिरोप्य रथं त्वमपाहृथा भुवि ततो विततो निनदो द्विषाम् ॥७॥

kvanu gamiShyasi chandramukhiiti taaM sarasametya kareNa haran kshaNaat |
samadhirOpya rathaM tvamapaahR^ithaa bhuvi tatO vitatO ninadO dviShaam ||7

Thou Approaching near Rukmani and told her, "Hey moon faced one, where are you trying to go,"
And then Thou caught her by his hands and made her, Thou led her to the chariot and helping her in it, Thou carried her away . Whereupon the widespread uproar among Thy enemies filled the entire earth.

Dasakam: 079 -- Slokam: 08

क्व नु गत: पशुपाल इति क्रुधा कृतरणा यदुभिश्च जिता नृपा: ।
न तु भवानुदचाल्यत तैरहो पिशुनकै: शुनकैरिव केसरी ॥८॥

kvanu gataH pashupaala iti krudhaa kR^itaraNaa yadubhishcha jitaa nR^ipaaH |
na tu bhavaanudachaalyata tairahO pishunakaiH shunakairiva kesarii || 8

Where indeed has he gone, the cowherd?' Thus the enraged kings shouted and put up a fight Balarama and other Yadavas easily defeated those kings, And they were not even able shake you a bit, Like the dogs attempting to fight the lion, Great wonder!
Dasakam: 079 -- Slokam: 09
तदनु रुक्मिणमागतमाहवे वधमुपेक्ष्य निबध्य विरूपयन् ।
हृतमदं परिमुच्य बलोक्तिभि: पुरमया रमया सह कान्तया ॥९॥
tadanu rukmiNamaagata maahave vadhamupekshya nibadhya viruupayan |
hR^itamadaM parimuchya balOktibhiH puramayaa ramayaa saha kaantayaa || 9

And then Thee imprisoned Rugmi who came to war with Thou. Thou bound him and disfigured him
by shaving of his head and face and killed his pride, then set him free, on Balarama's urging
 And thou proceeded to Dwaraka along with Thy beloved Rukmini, who was Goddess Lakshmi herself.

Dasakam: 079 -- Slokam: 10
नवसमागमलज्जितमानसां प्रणयकौतुकजृम्भितमन्मथाम् ।
अरमय: खलु नाथ यथासुखं रहसि तां हसितांशुलसन्मुखीम् ॥१०॥
nava samaagama lajjita maanasaaM praNaya kautuka jR^imbhita manmathaam |
aramayaH khalu naatha yathaa sukhaM rahasi taaM hasitaamshulasanmukhiim || 10

Rukmini was shyly caught between the new experience of being with her husband and the increased passion caused by the joy of experiencing love. O Lord! Thou sported with her in privacy so as to delight her whose face was beaming with the rays of her smile

Dasakam: 079 -- Slokam: 11

विविधनर्मभिरेवमहर्निशं प्रमदमाकलयन् पुनरेकदा ।
ऋजुमते: किल वक्रगिरा भवान् वरतनोरतनोदतिलोलताम् ॥११॥

vividha narmabhireva maharnishaM pramada maakalayan punarekadaa |
R^ijumateH kila vakragiraa bhavaan varatanOratanOdatilOlataam || 11

Though giving her immense joy day and night with jocular conversation, O Lord, Then one day, by Thy doubtful words created great sorrow in the very innocent Rukmani.

Dasakam: 079 -- Slokam: 12

तदधिकैरथ लालनकौशलै: प्रणयिनीमधिकं सुखयन्निमाम् ।
अयि मुकुन्द भवच्चरितानि न: प्रगदतां गदतान्तिमपाकुरु ॥१२॥

tadadhikairatha laalana kaushalaiH praNayiniimadhikaM sukhayannimaam |
ayi mukunda bhavachcharitaani naH pragadataaM gadataantimapaakuru ||12

Thou didst enhance her happiness by still bolder talks, And new methods and increased the pleasure more than before-of Rukmani who was your dearest darling and Oh Mukunda, Liberate me from the sufferings caused by the disease, who is always narrating Thy excellences.