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Narayaneeyam Dasakam: 48 -- Nalakubara and Manigriva

Nalakuvara and Maigriva were great devotees of Lord Śiva, but because of material opulence they became so extravagant and senseless that one day they were enjoying with naked girls in a lake and shamelessly walking here and there. Suddenly Nārada Muni passed by, but they were so maddened by their wealth and false prestige that even though they saw Nārada Muni present, they remained naked and were not even ashamed. In other words, because of opulence and false prestige, they lost their sense of common decency.
Therefore Narada Muni set an example by cursing these two persons, Nalakuvara and Maigriva, to become dull and unconscious like trees. This was a fit punishment. But because After mother Yaśodā bound Kiha and became engaged in other household affairs, Kiha observed two yamala-arjuna trees, which were actually Nalakūvara and Maigrīva, two sons of Kuvera who had been condemned by Nārada Muni to become trees. Kiha by His mercy, now began to proceed toward the trees to fulfill the desire of Nārada always merciful, even though they were punished they were fortunate enough to see the Supreme Personality of Godhead face to face. Nalakūvara and Maigrīva became twin arjuna trees and remained in the courtyard of mother Yaśodā and Nanda Mahārāja, waiting for the opportunity to see Kṛiṣhṇa directly. Lord Krishna by the desire of His devotee.
Sri Krishna moving the wooden grinding mortar ends when he pulls it through two trees that were standing close by in Vrindavan. The two trees were Nalakuvara and Manigriva who were cursed by Sage Narada to become trees. They got Moksha when Krishna pulled the two trees down using the wooden grinding mortar. , uprooted these yamala-arjuna trees, and when Nalakūvara and Maigrīva were thus delivered by Kṛiṣhṇa after one hundred years of the devas, their old consciousness revived, and they offered Kṛiṣhṇa prayers suitable to be offered by demigods. Having thus gotten the opportunity to see Kiha face to face, they understood how merciful Nārada Muni was, and therefore they expressed their indebtedness to him and thanked him. Then, after circumambulating the Supreme Personality of Godhead Kṛiṣhṇa ,they departed for their respective abodes.

Dasakam: 48 -- Nalakubara and Manigriva  
Dasakam: 048 -- Shlokam: 01

मुदा सुरौघैस्त्वमुदारसम्मदै-
रुदीर्य दामोदर इत्यभिष्टुत: ।
मृदुदर: स्वैरमुलूखले लग-
न्नदूरतो द्वौ ककुभावुदैक्षथा: ॥१॥

mudaa suraughaistvamudaara sammadaiH udiirya daamOdara ityabhiShTutaH |
mR^iduudaraH svairamuluukhale lagannaduuratOdvau kakubhaavudaikshathaaH || 1

Thou were joyfully named Daamodara by the group of sages who were watching Thee with great happiness, and they praised and glorified Thee. Thou who with a tender belly were attached to the mortar, saw two Kakubha (Arjuna) trees not far away.
  Dasakam: 048 -- Shlokam: 02
परो मणिग्रीव इति प्रथां गत: ।
चिरं किल त्वद्विमुखावखेलताम् ॥२॥

kubera suunurnalakuubaraabhidhaH parO maNigriiva iti prathaaM gataH |
maheshasevaadhigata shriyOnmadau chiraM kila tvadvimukhaavakhelataam || 2
The two sons of Kuber, (the god of wealth) one known as Nalakubara and the other one known as Manigreeva became very well known. By worshipping Shiva they also attained great prosperity and because of the pride of wealth they became very haughty and indifferent to Thee. For a very long time they led a very wayward life. 

  Dasakam: 048 -- Shlokam: 03
सुरापगायां किल तौ मदोत्कटौ
सुरापगायद्बहुयौवतावृतौ ।
विवाससौ केलिपरौ स नारदो
भवत्पदैकप्रवणो निरैक्षत ॥३॥

suraapagaayaaM kila tau madOtkaTau suraapagaayad bahuyauvataa vR^itau |
vivaasasau keliparau sa naaradO bhavatpadaika pravaNO niraikshata || 3
Naarada who is devoted to Thee alone, once saw these two sporting in the Ganges which is the river of the gods. They were in an intoxicated state having drunk wine and were surrounded by young intoxicated damsels, stark naked, singing and sporting in the Ganges waters.
Dasakam: 048 -- Shlokam: 04

भिया प्रियालोकमुपात्तवाससं
पुरो निरीक्ष्यापि मदान्धचेतसौ ।
इमौ भवद्भक्त्युपशान्तिसिद्धये
मुनिर्जगौ शान्तिमृते कुत: सुखम् ॥४॥

bhiyaa priyaalOkamupaattavaasasaM purO niriikshyaapi madaandha chetasau |
imau bhavadbhaktyupashaanti siddhaye munirjagau shaantimR^ite kutaHsukham || 4
Seeing the sage, their beloved female companions, gathered up their clothes, in panic,and left the place. Even then these two sons of Kubera, still intoxicated by liquor, didnot come to their senses. Sage Narada, therefore cursed them so that they wouldregain unmitigated devotion to Thee, and obtain peace of mind. Without a calm mind,happiness will be totally absent.
  Dasakam: 048 -- Shlokam: 05

युवामवाप्तौ ककुभात्मतां चिरं
हरिं निरीक्ष्याथ पदं स्वमाप्नुतम् ।
इतीरेतौ तौ भवदीक्षणस्पृहां
गतौ व्रजान्ते ककुभौ बभूवतु: ॥५॥

yuvaamavaaptau kakubhaatmataaM chiraM hariM niriikshyaatha padaMsvamaapnutam |
itiiritau tau bhavadiikshaNaspR^ihaaM gatau vrajaante kakubhaubabhuuvatuH || 5
Sage Narada, cursed  You two will become Kakubha trees for long. Then when you see Hari, you two will get to your own state.' Being thus told by the sage, desiring to get Thy vision, they went to the outskirts of Vraja and became Kakubha trees.
  Dasakam: 048 -- Shlokam: 06
अतन्द्रमिन्द्रद्रुयुगं तथाविधं
समेयुषा मन्थरगामिना त्वया ।
चिराय जीर्णौ परिपातितौ तरू ॥६॥

atandramindradruyugaM tathaavidhaM sameyuShaa mantharagaaminaa tvayaa |
tiraayitOluukhalarOdhanirdhutau chiraaya jiirNau paripaatitau taruu ||6
Dragging the mortar, Thou moved steadily and purposefully toward those two trees,already worn out at the roots due to age; entering between them with the mortar behindThee, Thou made them fall by the mortar getting entangled in their roots.6 

  Dasakam: 048 -- Shlokam: 07
अभाजि शाखिद्वितयं यदा त्वया
तदैव तद्गर्भतलान्निरेयुषा ।
महात्विषा यक्षयुगेन तत्क्षणा-
दभाजि गोविन्द भवानपि स्तवै: ॥७॥

abhaaji shaakhidvitayaM yadaa tvayaa tadaiva tadgarbhatalaannireyuShaa |
mahaatviShaa yakshayugena tatkshaNaadabhaaji gOvinda bhavaanapi stavaiH || 7
Oh Govinda ! No sooner were the two trees uprrooted, than there appeared from themtwo radiant Yakshas singing hymns of Thy glory.7
  Dasakam: 048 -- Shlokam: 08
इहान्यभक्तोऽपि समेष्यति क्रमात्
भवन्तमेतौ खलु रुद्रसेवकौ ।
गतौ वृणानौ खलु भक्तिमुत्तमाम् ॥८॥

ihaanya bhaktO(a)pi sameShyati kramaad bhavantametau khalu rudrasevakau |
muni prasaadaad bhavadanghri maagatau gatau vR^iNaanau khalubhaktimuttamaam || 8
Here, in Thy Krishna incarnation even those who worship other deities, willeventually become devoted to Thee. Thus by the blessing of Sage Narada, these twodevotees of Rudra, finally took shelter at Thy feet, and asking only for the boon ofeverlasting devotion to Thee, went back to their abode.8
Dasakam: 048 -- Shlokam: 09ततस्तरूद्दारणदारुणारव-
प्रकम्पिसम्पातिनि गोपमण्डले ।
व्यमोक्षि नन्देन भवान् विमोक्षद: ॥९॥

tatastaruuddaaraNa daaruNaarava prakampi sampaatini gOpamaNDale |
vilajjita tvajjananii mukhekshiNaavyamOkshi nandena bhavaan vimOkshadaH || 9
Then by the falling of the trees, which caused the frightening sound, the group of Gopas were frightened and rushed to the spot trembling. As Nanda glanced at Thy mother meaningfully, she felt very ashamed. He then released Thee from the mortar, who releases everyone from the bonds of Samsaara.9
Dasakam: 048 -- Shlokam:10
महीरुहोर्मध्यगतो बतार्भको
हरे: प्रभावादपरिक्षतोऽधुना ।
इति ब्रुवाणैर्गमितो गृहं भवान्
मरुत्पुराधीश्वर पाहि मां गदात् ॥१०॥

mahiiruhOrmadhyagatO bataarbhakO hareH prabhaavaadaparikshatO(a)dhunaa |
iti bruvaaNairgamitO gR^ihaM bhavaan marutpuraadhiishvara paahi maamgadaat || 10
Having entered the interspace of the two trees and the trees having fallen, it is only God's grace that the child is safe and unhurt today.' As they said so they carried Thee to the house. OhGuruvayurappa ! May Thou of such miracles, save me from my troubles and Save me from my ailments.