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Narayaneeyam-Dasakam: 100 -- Vision of the Lord

Narayaneeyam has its own efficacies like relief from illness, happy family life, good progeny and the good fortune to be wealthy. One will attain good health, long life and realize one’s dreams if one chants these slokas with full awareness of their meaning.Whenever i am depressed or I am in worries I used to read Narayaneeyam . I read it so many times. When now I began to read again Narayaneeyam and it just occurred to me in Guruvayoorappan sannadi.;that I must translate Narayaneeyam into English, I began immediately I refer meaning for slogas from Late Brahmasree Sengalipuram Anantharama Deekshidar has given Bhagavatham and Narayaneeyam Discourses in Tamil. I am not a scholar in Sanskrit.. With Guruvayoorappan’s blessings I tried to translate and it takes me to complete five years. With various reference I add stories too..  In these five years I repeatedly chant Narayaneeyam. I have gone through really really tough times in life but during all those times like a silver lining after the black thunder, Lord in different forms have come to our rescue..... what i want to tell all devotees is this,if you call once with all sincerity in your soul, He will come to you & bless you. May Guruvayoorappan be with all & bless all!! Ohm Namo Narayana!!Hare Krishna !!

This Dasakam describes the magnificent Vision of the Lord which the poet (Bhattathiri)experienced as the climax of his sustained and lavish eulogisation of the Lord in thepreceding 99 Dasakams. This vision is set out in very minute, enrapturing detail,starting with the Lord's head (tresses) and progressing step-by-step downwards to theLord's feet at which the devotee poet takes his ultimate refuge.

Dasakam: 100-- Slokam: 01

अग्रे पश्यामि तेजो निबिडतरकलायावलीलोभनीयं
पीयूषाप्लावितोऽहं तदनु तदुदरे दिव्यकैशोरवेषम् ।
तारुण्यारम्भरम्यं परमसुखरसास्वादरोमाञ्चिताङ्गै-
रावीतं नारदाद्यैर्विलसदुपनिषत्सुन्दरीमण्डलैश्च ॥१॥

agre pashyaami tejO nibiDatara kalaayaavalii lObhaniiyaM

piiyuuShaaplaavitO(a)haM tadanu tadudare divyakaishOraveSham |
taaruNyaarambharamyaM paramasukha rasaasvaada rOmaa~nchitaangaiH
aaviitaM naaradaadyairvilasadupaniShat sundarii maNDalaishcha || 1

In front of me, I see a halo of radiance excelling a very thick bed of blue lilies,Which made me feel that I am bathed in the nectar of the sight. Then, in the centre of the radiance I see the form of a divine young body enchanting by the budding of youth. . He is surrounded by sages like Naarada As seen by his hair standing erect on all his limbs. Who is signifying their thrilling experience of Supreme Bliss, and by a bevy of beautiful maidens personifying the Upanishads (or the Gopis of Brindavan.

Dasakam: 100-- Slokam: 02
 नीलाभं कुञ्चिताग्रं घनममलतरं संयतं चारुभङ्ग्या
रत्नोत्तंसाभिरामं वलयितमुदयच्चन्द्रकै: पिञ्छजालै: ।
मन्दारस्रङ्निवीतं तव पृथुकबरीभारमालोकयेऽहं
स्निग्धश्वेतोर्ध्वपुण्ड्रामपि च सुललितां फालबालेन्दुवीथीम् ॥२

niilaabhaM ku~nchitaagraM ghanamamalataraM samyataM chaarubhangyaa
ratnOttamsaabhiraamaM valayitamudayachchandrakaiH pinchChajaalaiH |
mandaarasra~N niviitaM tava pR^ithukabariibhaaramaalOkaye(a)haM
snigdha shvetOrdhvapuNDraamapi cha sulalitaaM phaala baalenduviithiim || 2

I am seeing your big bundle of dark and curly hair, thick and very clean, held together in a very beautiful manner, bejewelled and very beautifully tied with a plume of peacock feathers having glistening eyes, encircled by a garland of mandaar flowers. With their shining and glistening eyes, And I also see your pretty forehead with its soft white upright sandal paste mark, Comparable to the crescent moon.

Dasakam: 100-- Slokam: 03
 हृद्यं पूर्णानुकम्पार्णवमृदुलहरीचञ्चलभ्रूविलासै-
रानीलस्निग्धपक्ष्मावलिपरिलसितं नेत्रयुग्मं विभो ते ।
सान्द्रच्छायं विशालारुणकमलदलाकारमामुग्धतारं
कारुण्यालोकलीलाशिशिरितभुवनं क्षिप्यतां मय्यनाथे ॥३॥
hR^idyaM puurNaanukampaarNava mR^idulaharii cha~nchala bhruuvilaasaiH
aaniila snigdhapakshmaavali parilasitaM netrayugmaM vibhO te |
saandrachChaayaM vishaalaaruNa kamaladalaakaaramaamugdhataaraM
kaaruNyaalOkaliilaa shishirita bhuvanaM kshipyataaM mayyanaathe || 3

Oh Lord , let your eyes ,which cools the entire world by its merciful looks.Which are made more prettier by your eye bows which move, like the gentle rippling waves on the Ocean of InfiniteCompassion; Thy eyes which are very lustruous and have rows of beautiful bluish eyelashes. They are shaped like big red lotus petals and have very beautiful pupils and cooling the world by their merciful glances; may those eyes be cast on me, who has no refuge other than Thee.

Dasakam: 100-- Slokam: 04
 उत्तुङ्गोल्लासिनासं हरिमणिमुकुरप्रोल्लसद्गण्डपाली-
व्यालोलत्कर्णपाशाञ्चितमकरमणीकुण्डलद्वन्द्वदीप्रम् ।
प्रीतिप्रस्यन्दिमन्दस्मितमधुरतरं वक्त्रमुद्भासतां मे ॥४॥
uttungOllaasinaasaM harimaNi mukura prOllasad gaNDapaalii
vyaalOlatkarNapaashaa~nchita makaramaNii kuNDaladvandvadiipram |
unmiiladdantapankti sphuradaruNatarachChaaya bimbaadharaantaH
priitiprasyandi mandasmita madhurataraM vaktramudbhaasataaM me ||4

May Thy face with a prominent and well shaped nose With the pair of shining gem ear studs In the shape of fish worn on your pretty ears, and reflected on the cheeks resembling mirrors of blue sapphire; which (face) is extremely attractive It Shines as it moves hither and thither, And with a gentle smile over flows with love .between The slightly parted red cherry lips of yours, Revealing the sparkling rows of your white teeth O Lord! May that Thy face clearly shine before me

Dasakam: 100-- Slokam: 05
 बाहुद्वन्द्वेन रत्नोज्ज्वलवलयभृता शोणपाणिप्रवाले-
नोपात्तां वेणुनाली प्रसृतनखमयूखाङ्गुलीसङ्गशाराम् ।
कृत्वा वक्त्रारविन्दे सुमधुरविकसद्रागमुद्भाव्यमानै:
शब्दब्रह्मामृतैस्त्वं शिशिरितभुवनै: सिञ्च मे कर्णवीथीम् ॥५॥
baahudvandvena ratnOjjvala valayabhR^itaa shONa paaNipravaale
nOpaattaaM veNunaaliiM prasR^ita nakhamayuukhaanguliisangashaaraam |
kR^itvaa vaktraaravinde sumadhura vikasadraagamudbhaavyamaanaiH
shabda brahmaamR^itaistvaM shishirita bhuvanaiH si~nchame karNaviithiim || 5

May you cool my ears with the divine music, which cool entire worlds and which are Brahman Itself in the form of sound, Thy flute placed at the tip of Thy lotus-like mouth and held in Thy two handsadorned with jewelled bracelets and coral-red tender palms, and which The flute is multi coloured by the contact with the finger nails' rays spreading out,

Dasakam: 100-- Slokam: 06
 उत्सर्पत्कौस्तुभश्रीततिभिररुणितं कोमलं कण्ठदेशं
वक्ष: श्रीवत्सरम्यं तरलतरसमुद्दीप्रहारप्रतानम् ।
नानावर्णप्रसूनावलिकिसलयिनीं वन्यमालां विलोल-
ल्लोलम्बां लम्बमानामुरसि तव तथा भावये रत्नमालाम् ॥६॥
utsarpatkaustubhashriitatibhiraruNitaM kOmalaM kaNThadeshaM
vakshaH shriivatsaramyaM taralatara samuddiipra haara prataanam |
naanaavarNaprasuunaavali kisalayiniiM vanyamaalaaM vilOlallOlambaaM
lambamaanaamurasi tava tathaa bhaavaye ratnamaalaam || 6

I meditate upon Thy handsome neck coloured purple by the radiating lustre of Thy Kaustubha jewel; on Thy chest beautified by the Srivatsa sign and adorned with clusters of dazzling pearl necklaces dangling around, garlands of forest flowers and tender sprouts and bunches of multicoloured blossoms, with bees hovering around them; and, also, the necklaces of precious stones spread over Thy chest.

Dasakam: 100-- Slokam: 07
 अङ्गे पञ्चाङ्गरागैरतिशयविकसत्सौरभाकृष्टलोकं
लीनानेकत्रिलोकीविततिमपि कृशां बिभ्रतं मध्यवल्लीम् ।
शक्राश्मन्यस्ततप्तोज्ज्वलकनकनिभं पीतचेलं दधानं
ध्यायामो दीप्तरश्मिस्फुटमणिरशनाकिङ्किणीमण्डितं त्वां ॥७॥

ange pa~nchaangaraagairatishaya vikasat saurabhaakR^iShTalOkaM
liinaaneka trilOkii vitatimapi kR^ishaaM bibhrataM madhyavalliim |
shakraashmanyasta taptOjvala kanakanibhaM piita chelaM dadhaanaM
dhyaayaamO diiptarashmi sphuTamaNirashanaa kinkiNii maNDitaM tvaam || 7

We meditate upon Thee, who charms and captivates the entire world by the marvellous, spreading fragrances emanating from the five-membered unguents smeared over Thy body; We meditate on Thee who has a creeper-like slender waist in which innumerableworlds lie merged; who is attired in a yellow silk cloth which is shining like molten gold and wearing a girdle made of studded gems and with minibells on it, emmitting brilliant rays.

Dasakam: 100-- Slokam: 08
 ऊरू चारू तवोरू घनमसृणरुचौ चित्तचोरौ रमाया:
विश्वक्षोभं विशङ्क्य ध्रुवमनिशमुभौ पीतचेलावृताङ्गौ ।
आनम्राणां पुरस्तान्न्यसनधृतसमस्तार्थपालीसमुद्ग-
च्छायं जानुद्वयं च क्रमपृथुलमनोज्ञे च जङ्घे निषेवे ॥८॥

uuruu chaaruu tavOruu ghanamasR^iNaruchau chittachOrau ramaayaaH
vishvakshObhaM vishankya dhruvamanishamubhau piita chelaavR^itaangau |
aanamraaNaaM purastaannyasana dhR^itasamastaartha paalii samudgachChaayaM
jaanudvayancha kramapR^ithula manOj~ne cha janghe niSheve || 8

I meditate on Thy two handsome thighs, Which are capable of stealing the mind of Lakshmi, Fearing to excite the whole world, definitely, they are always covered with yellow silk cloth. Thy two knees, are like two caskets holding all the desired objects for Thy devotees, and Who salute Thy two forelegs are beautifully tapered and fleshy.

Dasakam: 100-- Slokam: 09
 मञ्जीरं मञ्जुनादैरिव पदभजनं श्रेय इत्यालपन्तं
पादाग्रं भ्रान्तिमज्जत्प्रणतजनमनोमन्दरोद्धारकूर्मम् ।
उत्तुङ्गाताम्रराजन्नखरहिमकरज्योत्स्नया चाऽश्रितानां
सन्तापध्वान्तहन्त्रीं ततिमनुकलये मङ्गलामङ्गुलीनाम् ॥९॥

ma~njiiraM ma~njunaadairiva padabhajanaM shreya ityaalapantaM
paadaagraM bhraanti majjat praNata jana manO mandarOddhaarakuurmam |
uttungaataamra raajannakhara himakara jyOtsnayaa chaashritaanaaM
santaapa dhvaanta hantriiM tatimanukalaye mangalaamanguliinaam || 9

I meditate on Thy anklets with their sweet sound, which, as it were, sweetly confirm the excellence of worshipping at Thy feet. And the upper part of your feet which are like a tortoise ,Which lifted the Mandara mountain lifts high, at the time of the deluge,The minds of the devotees who are getting drowned in illusion,And also I meditate on the auspicious rows of your toes, Which have slightly raised, very red and shining are like the moon light expelling the darkness of the sorrows of Thy devotees.

Dasakam: 100-- Slokam: 10
 योगीन्द्राणां त्वदङ्गेष्वधिकसुमधुरं मुक्तिभाजां निवासो
भक्तानां कामवर्षद्युतरुकिसलयं नाथ ते पादमूलम् ।
नित्यं चित्तस्थितं मे पवनपुरपते कृष्ण कारुण्यसिन्धो
हृत्वा निश्शेषतापान् प्रदिशतु परमानन्दसन्दोहलक्ष्मीम् ॥१०॥

yOgiindraaNaaM tvadangeShvadhikasumadhuraM mukti bhaajaaM nivaasO
bhaktaanaaM kaamavarSha dyutaru kisalayaM naatha te paadamuulam |
nityaM chittasthitaM me pavanapurapate kR^iShNa kaaruNyasindhO
hR^itvaa nishsheShataapaan pradishatu paramaananda sandOhalakshmiim || 10

Oh God, Oh Lord of Guruvayur , Oh Krishna, Oh ocean of mercy,Let the soles of your feet which is the sweetest part of your body,To the great sages, The liberated ones reside there. They pour all the desires of their devotees, and are like the sprouts of the celestial tree. O Lord of Guruvaayur! May those feet always rest in my heart. O Ocean of Compassion! destroy all my sorrows and confer a full abundant flow of Supreme Bliss.

Dasakam: 100-- Slokam: 11
 अज्ञात्वा ते महत्वं यदिह निगदितं विश्वनाथ क्षमेथा:
स्तोत्रं चैतत्सहस्रोत्तरमधिकतरं त्वत्प्रसादाय भूयात् ।
द्वेधा नारायणीयं श्रुतिषु च जनुषा स्तुत्यतावर्णनेन
स्फीतं लीलावतारैरिदमिह कुरुतामायुरारोग्यसौख्यम् ॥११॥

aj~naatvaa te mahattvaM yadiha nigaditaM vishvanaatha kshamethaaH
stOtraM chaitatsahasrOttaramadhikataraM tvatprasaadaaya bhuuyaat |
dvedhaa naaraayaNiiyaM shrutiShu cha januShaa stutyataa varNanena
sphiitaM liilaavataarairidamiha kurutaamaayuraarOgya saukhyam ||11

Oh Lord of the universe , please pardon me for what I have said here, not knowing fully Thy greatness. This hymn consists of more than a thousand verses should be blessed,by you with all your grace as this which is called Narayaneeyam,Is both about Narayana as well that which is written by Narayana, May this hymn which describes in accordance with the Vedas, Thy creative actions and Thy sportive incarnations, confer long life, good health and happiness on one and all in this world.

   Om NamO Bhagavate Vaasudevaaya|

   Om NamO NaaraayaNaaya|
   Om NamO NamaH ||


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We (several others and myself) have been looking for Deekshidar's Narayaneeyam Disclosure for last few years. If you have the CDs or Audio casettes, kindly share with us. It will be a great help for us.

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