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Narayaneeyam Dasakam: 74-- Lord Krishna 's Entry into Mathura

Sri Krishna reached the city of Mathura shortly after noon. When Akrura had stopped his chariot on the banks of the Yamuna for bath and oblations, Nanda and other Gopas proceeded directly to Mathura. They reached there in advance and were awaiting Sri Krishna's arrival in the garden on the outskirts of Mathura. Sri Krishna did follow them in due time. Then Akrura exhorted Sri Krishna very humbly, `O Lord! You together with Your Gopa friends should shower grace on me and stay in my home. By contact with the dust on Your feet we all should be made pure.' Hearing this, Sri Krishna did promise him `After the killing of Kamsa, I shall come to your (my paternal uncle's) home together with my brother and fulfil all your wishes.' and thus pacify him. Then He did send Akrura off to Kamsa. Thereafter Sri Krishna remained in the above-said garden and had lunch with His friends, and relatives. Then, eager to see the town, Sri Krishna set out for the main road, along with His friends. We should visualise that, at that time, it was as though Sri Krishna were forcefully dragged by chains made up of the endless meritorious deeds of the people of Mathura who, after hearing since long about Sri Krishna's divine prowess and exploits, were very eager to see Him in person.

When Sri Krishna reached the main street of Mathura, eager to see the beauty of the town. the people of Mathura who, after hearing since long about Sri Krishna's divine prowess and exploits, were very eager to see Him in person. its lovely women began to gather, driven by their thirst to have His darsanam. Sri Krishna's body shone blue in colour like the rain-cloud. he breasts of those women quivered with excitement as they set their eyes on Sri Krishna. The purity of those women was reflected in their minds and bodies just like the innocence and sweetness of Sri Krishna's gentle smile. Their beauty multiplied manifold due to wearing ornaments like necklaces, bracelets, armlets and the like even as the splendor of Sri Krishna's dark tresses was enhanced by the peacock feathers worn on them. Thus they resembled Sri Krishna in many ways. When one saw those women gathered on the main street, very enthusiastic at having Sri Krishna's darsanam.
While Sri Krishna was proceeding along the high street with His friends, making all persons in the town joyous, Sri Krishna saw a washerman coming along with a bundle of washed clothes. Sri Krishna asked him, `will you give us some appropriate clothes? You will thereby attain prosperity.' To which the arrogant washer man replied Do you cowherd boys who live and roam in forests and mountains, eating fruits and vegetables, always wear such royal dresses only? Are you greedy for royal things? This bundle contains King Kamsa's dresses. Who will give them to you? Run away before the king's men, who punish arrogant people, come here.' Hearing these words of insult, Sri Krishna, the destroyer of those blinded by arrogance, severed his head instantly by His hands. Thus by death at Sri Krishna's hands did even that ignorant and arrogant washer man attain liberation which is attainable only by those possessed of innumerable meritorious deeds.

After killing the washer man, Sri Krishna was proceeding further along the main street. Then,  a weaver, happy at seeing Sri Krishna, approached Him and benevolently gave Him new garments to wear. Sri Krishna did confer on him (who had become fully worthy of Sri Krishna's pleasure) the grace of attainment of `Sarupya-mukti' at His abode, Vaikunta-loka, at the end of his tenure in this world. Thereafter, Sri Krishna, with friends, went to a garland maker's shop. He, Sudama by name, became very happy at Sri Krishna's arrival and with His darsanam. He duly honoured Sri Krishna by rising from his seat, offering garland, tambulam smearing Sri Krishna's body with unguents (sandal paste, scent, etc.,) and bouquets made of fragrant flowers. He also praised Sri Krishna with hymns dear to the heart. Delighted with the welcome, Sri Krishna commanded him to ask for his desired boons. But he disdained mundane pleasures and prayed for grant of steady devotion in Sri Krishna, affection towards His devotees and compassion to all beings. In addition to these, Sri Krishna did grant him also the fortune of having children and grand children, abundance of wealth and food grains, strength of body, long life, fame and other things that are the means of Dharma (virtue). Thus did Sri Krishna exhibit, in full measure, His love for Bhaktas (devotees) and keenness in blessing them.

After bestowing blessings on the weaver and garland-maker, Sri Krishna was proceeding along the main street when Sri Krishna came across a woman who was beautiful in every way but for a hunch on her back and was on her way to Kamsa's palace bearing sandal paste and other unguents. After enquiring about her welfare, Sri Krishna asked her, `will you give us some unguents for application on our bodies? If you do so, you will attain great prosperity'. With great delight, she gave what was asked for. As Sri Krishna thought that her body too should reflect the uprightness of her mind, He did, without causing her any pain and in a sportive manner, press her jaw with two fingers of His right hand, grasp her posterior with the left hand, pressing down her feet with His toes and straigten up her body a little. Instantly she became erect and blossomed into a celebrated beauty. Sri Krishna as an extraordinary being with divine powers, they were eager to receive some good or advantage for them by offering some gifts to Sri Krishna like tambulam and garland, according to their capacity.
Bhattatiri says, in "Narayaneeyam"----" I was not among the crowd, holding some offering, At that time, in the path, carrying some flowers, alas, I did not stand with joined palms in salutation, because of which, today, I am experiencing great sorrow or standing with palms joined in salutation. If I had that good fortune, then, would I need to suffer this unbearable affliction in this birth I have come to lead this miserable life, now afflicted by internal and external ailments because of my accumulated karma! (True of each one of us.) What, if those townsfolk of Mathura had committed sins? They were not surely such gross sinners like me. It was on this account that unlike me, they were fortunate to have got the opportunity to make offerings to Sri Krishna though with limited expectations of reward".
Sri Krishna proceeded along the main street, as far as her eyes could see. By the time He reached the entrance gate, Sri Krishna's fame had already reached the interior of the town preceding Him. This showed itself in the guise of the milk that verily started oozing from Devaki's breasts, stimulated by profound motherly love --- she had concluded that Sri Krishna had reached Mathura, from the welcoming invocations of the enthusiastic populace, eager to have His darsanam.

As Sri Krishna, who had entered the main gate, passed through the streets, joyously decorated for the festivities connected with the worship of the bow and headed for the hall where the bow was kept. The great bow lay there decorated with flower garlands and worshipped. Before the gaurds or the caretakers admonished Thee saying 'No no" Thou took hold of the bow, lifted it up, strung it, drew it and also broke it. The breaking of the bow with a terrific sound was like the heralding drum beat to the festival of Kansa's destruction due the next day. O Lord! The sound caused horripilation in the gods. Even Kansa trembled by the sound which increased many fold and overflowed by the shrieks of the gaurds who were severly beaten by Thee with the two pieces of the bow.
Thy greatness was realised by the good people with love and by the wicked people with fear. Thou moved about the city viewing its prosperity and returned to Thy camp in the garden in the evening. Thou talked to Shreedaamaa about Thy sorrow because of the separation from Raadhaa. Thou then went to sleep feeling content and happy at the impending fulfilment of the purpose of his incarnation.

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Narayaneeyam Dasakam: 73-- Lord Krishna Leaving for Mathura

 Dasakam: 73 –Lord Krishna Leaving for Mathura

While they were talking, Akroora told them how Narada had come to Kamsa and revealed to him the secret of Krishna's birth. He also told them the real reason why he had been sent to Vraja. At this, Krishna and Balarama laughed heartily. Nanda ordered at once that the carriages and presents be got ready for their trip to Mathura. He had it proclaimed throughout Vraja that early the next morning they would proceed to Mathura to witness the great bow-sacrifice.

Next morning as the sun crept over the horizon, Akroora offered his prayers. The boys climbed onto his carriage. Slowly, the carriages and carts started moving towards Mathura. Akroora's chariot was followed by the chariots of Nanda and the other gopas. Behind them came the carts loaded with gifts of milk, curd and butter for Kamsa.

The gopis who can describe the sorrow they felt at the separation from their Lord? When Krishna was starting for Mathura on the chariot driven by Akrura and the gopis were blocking the way, their hearts were numb and heavy with grief. They followed the carriages with heart-rending pleas. They wept and ran behind the chariots for a long distance.  Krishna assured them that He was coming back just after finishing His business in Mathura. He told them not to be overwhelmed and in this way pacified them. Then they crossed the forest with sorrowful animals and sad trees and reached the banks of the Yamunaa River.

Akrura, the son of Gaandini was bathing in the bank of the river Yamuna to perform his daily duties. As soon as he took a dip, he saw the same image in the waters of the river. He saw Krishna in the water and also saw Krishna on the chariot.Akrura again took a dip in the water. The meritorious and fortunate man that he was, he saw Thee The Supreme Being reclining on the Shesha serpent's body bed, resplendent and adorned with the discus, conch, mace and lotus. Thou were surrounded by groups of gods and various siddhaas He was overwhelmed with wonder and became helpless as to what it all was. But is there any wonder in Thy being seen from everywhere as Thou are omnipresent! When he came back after taking his bath, he found Krishna standing there and smiling at him. After making a salutation to Krishna, he sat down in the chariot and proceeded towards Mathura. Akrura became convinced about the divinity and omnipresence of Krishna. 
Dasakam: 73 -- Slokam: 01

निशमय्य तवाथ यानवार्तां भृशमार्ता: पशुपालबालिकास्ता: ।
किमिदं किमिदं कथं न्वितीमा: समवेता: परिदेवितान्यकुर्वन् ॥१॥

nishamayya tavaatha yaanavaartaaM bhR^ishamaartaaH pashupaalabaalikaastaaH |
kimidaM kimidaM kathaM nvitiimaaH samavetaaH paridevitaanyakurvan || 1

On coming to know of Thy impending departure the cowherd girls were very much saddened. They gathered together and lamented saying -'What is this? How and why is this happening?'

Dasakam: 73 -- Slokam: 02

करुणानिधिरेष नन्दसूनु: कथमस्मान् विसृजेदनन्यनाथा: ।
बत न: किमु दैवमेवमासीदिति तास्त्वद्गतमानसा विलेपु: ॥२॥

karuNaa nidhireSha nandasuunuH kathamasmaan visR^ijedananyanaathaaH |
bata naH kimu daivameva maasiit ititaastvadgata maanasaa vilepuH || 2
The girls with their hearts fixed on Thee bemoaned, How can this son of Nanda who is the seat of mercy, Completely leave us who do not have any other support, Alas what kind of fate do we have?

Dasakam: 73 -- Slokam: 03

चरमप्रहरे प्रतिष्ठमान: सह पित्रा निजमित्रमण्डलैश्च ।
परितापभरं नितम्बिनीनां शमयिष्यन् व्यमुच: सखायमेकम् ॥३॥

charama prahare pratiShThamaanaH saha pitraa nijamitramaNDalaishcha |
paritaapabharaM nitambiniinaaM shamayiShyan vyamuchaH sakhaayamekam || 3
Thou were to leave with Thy father and a group of his friends in the last lap of the night. Thou sent one of Thy companions to the beautiful Gopikas to console those very pretty ones in their great sorrow.

Dasakam: 73 -- Slokam: 04

अचिरादुपयामि सन्निधिं वो भविता साधु मयैव सङ्गमश्री: ।
अमृताम्बुनिधौ निमज्जयिष्ये द्रुतमित्याश्वसिता वधूरकार्षी: ॥४॥

achiraadupayaami sannidhiM vO bhavitaa saadhu mayaiva sangamashriiH |
amR^itaambunidhau nimajjayiShye drutamityaashvasitaa vadhuurakaarShiiH || 4
I shall come back near you very soon. You will have many good and happy meetings with me. I will soon immerse you in the nectar of bliss ocean.' Thus Thou gave consolations to the girls.

Dasakam: 73 -- Slokam: 05

सविषादभरं सयाच्ञमुच्चै: अतिदूरं वनिताभिरीक्ष्यमाण: ।
मृदु तद्दिशि पातयन्नपाङ्गान् सबलोऽक्रूररथेन निर्गतोऽभू: ॥५॥

saviShaadabharaM sayaach~namuchchaiH atiduuraM vanitaabhiriikshyamaaNaH |
mR^idu taddishi paatayannapaangaan sabalO(a)kruurarathena nirgatO(a)bhuuH || 5
With heightened sorrow and loud imploring when those Gopa maidens,Were seeing thee from a distance, sending to the place where they stood, Thou cast soft sidelong glances in that direction again and againand departed with Balaraama in Akrura's chariot.

Dasakam: 73 -- Slokam: 06

अनसा बहुलेन वल्लवानां मनसा चानुगतोऽथ वल्लभानाम् ।
वनमार्तमृगं विषण्णवृक्षं समतीतो यमुनातटीमयासी: ॥६॥

anasaa bahulena vallavaanaaM manasaa chaanugatO(a)tha vallabhaanaam |
vanamaartamR^igaM viShaNNavR^ikshaM samatiitO yamunaataTiimayaasiiH || 6
 Many carts with Gopikas followed Thee as also the minds and thoughts of the Gopikas. Thou crossed the forest with sorrowful animals and sad trees and reached the banks of the Yamunaa River.

Dasakam: 73 -- Slokam: 07
नियमाय निमज्य वारिणि त्वामभिवीक्ष्याथ रथेऽपि गान्दिनेय: ।
विवशोऽजनि किं न्विदं विभोस्ते ननु चित्रं त्ववलोकनं समन्तात् ॥७॥

niyamaaya nimajjya vaariNi tvaam abhiviikshyaatha rathe(a)pi gaandineyaH
vivashO(a)jani kinnvidaM vibhOste nanuchitraM tvavalOkanaM samantaat || 7
Akrura, the son of Gaandini was bathing in the waters of the river to perform his daily duties. He saw Thee in the water and also saw Thee on the chariot. He was overwhelmed with wonder and became helpless as to what it all was. But is there any wonder in Thy being seen from everywhere as Thou are omnipresent!.

Dasakam: 73 -- Slokam: 08

पुनरेष निमज्य पुण्यशाली पुरुषं त्वां परमं भुजङ्गभोगे ।
अरिकम्बुगदाम्बुजै: स्फुरन्तं सुरसिद्धौघपरीतमालुलोके ॥८॥

punareSha nimajjya puNyashaalii puruShaM tvaaM paramaM bhujangabhOge |
ari kambu gadaambujaiH sphurantaM sura siddhaugha pariitamaalulOke || 8

 Akrura again took a dip in the water. The meritorious and fortunate man that he was, he saw Thee The Supreme Being reclining on the Shesha serpent's body bed, resplendent and adorned with the discus, conch, mace and lotus. Thou were surrounded by groups of gods and various siddhaas
Dasakam: 73 -- Slokam: 09

स तदा परमात्मसौख्यसिन्धौ विनिमग्न: प्रणुवन् प्रकारभेदै: ।
अविलोक्य पुनश्च हर्षसिन्धोरनुवृत्त्या पुलकावृतो ययौ त्वाम् ॥९॥

sa tadaa paramaatma saukhya sindhau vinimagnaH praNuvan prakaarabhedaiH |
avilOkya punashcha harShasindhOH anuvR^ittyaa pulakaavR^itO yayau tvaam || 9
He was then immeresed in the ocean of supreme bliss and sang the praises unto Thy Saguna and Nirguna forms. Even as Thy vision disappeared, he continued to experience the unlimited bliss and with horripilations all over his body, he went to Thee.

Dasakam: 73 -- Slokam: 10

किमु शीतलिमा महान् जले यत् पुलकोऽसाविति चोदितेन तेन ।
अतिहर्षनिरुत्तरेण सार्धं रथवासी पवनेश पाहि मां त्वम् ॥१०॥

kimu shiitalimaa mahaan jale yat pulakO(a)saaviti chOditena tena |
atiharSha niruttareNa saardhaM rathavaasii pavanesha paahi maaM tvam ||10
Thou asked him if the water was so cold that he had horripillation on his body, as if not knowing the cause. Akrura was speechless because he was immeresed in extreme bliss. Thou  sitting with him on the chariot, O Lord of Guruvaayur! May Thou deign tosave me!