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Narayaneeyam Dasakam :84-Samanta Panchaka

Dasakam: 84 -- Samanta Panchaka
Dasakam: 084 -- Slokam: 01
क्वचिदथ तपनोपरागकाले पुरि निदधत् कृतवर्मकामसूनू ।
यदुकुलमहिलावृत: सुतीर्थं समुपगतोऽसि समन्तपञ्चकाख्यम् ॥१॥
kvachidatha tapanOparaaga kaale
puri nidadhat kR^itavarma kaamasuunuu |
yadukula mahilaavR^itaH sutiirthaM
samupagatO(a)si samanta pa~nchakaakhyam || 1

Once, on the occasion of a solar eclipse, entrusting Dwaraka to the care of Kritavarmaand Aniruddha, Thou didst visit the sacred spot named Samantapanchaka, along withthe Yadavas and their womenfolk.

Dasakam: 084 -- Slokam: 02
बहुतरजनताहिताय तत्र त्वमपि पुनन् विनिमज्य तीर्थतोयम् ।
द्विजगणपरिमुक्तवित्तराशि: सममिलथा: कुरुपाण्डवादिमित्रै: ॥२॥
bahutara janataahitaaya tatra
tvamapi punan vinimajjya tiirthatOyaM |
dvijagaNa parimukta vittaraashiH
samamilathaaH kurupaaNDavaadi mitraiH || 2

Thou also took a dip in the holy waters and thereby sanctified the waters for the benefit of the large number of people. Thou also gave away money in good amount to the group of the Braahmins. Then Thou interacted with Thy friends the Kauravas and the Paandavas and others.

Dasakam: 084 -- Slokam: 03
तव खलु दयिताजनै: समेता द्रुपदसुता त्वयि गाढभक्तिभारा ।
तदुदितभवदाहृतिप्रकारै: अतिमुमुदे सममन्यभामिनीभि: ॥३॥
tava khalu dayitaajanaiH sametaa
drupadasutaa tvayi gaaDha bhaktibhaaraa |
taduditabhavadaahR^iti prakaaraiH
ati mumude samamanya bhaaminiibhiH || 3

Draupadi who was deeply devoted to Thee, spent a happy time with Thy wivesShe was very much delighted when they narrated the various methods by which they were abducted and married by Thee. The other women also enjoyed the narrations.

Dasakam: 084 -- Slokam: 04
तदनु च भगवन् निरीक्ष्य गोपानतिकुतुकादुपगम्य मानयित्वा।
चिरतरविरहातुराङ्गरेखा: पशुपवधू: सरसं त्वमन्वयासी: ॥४॥
tadanu cha bhagavanniriikshya gOpaan
ati kutukaatupagamya maanayitvaa |
chiratara virahaaturaangarekhaaH
pashupavadhuuH sarasaM tvamanvayaasiiH ||4

Then, O Lord, on seeing the Gopas who too had come there, Thou approached and honoured them with great joy. And with joy went near the Gopis who had become as thin as line, Due to the great sorrow of of seperation from Thee for a very long time

Dasakam: 084 -- Slokam: 05
सपदि च भवदीक्षणोत्सवेन प्रमुषितमानहृदां नितम्बिनीनाम् ।
अतिरसपरिमुक्तकञ्चुलीके परिचयहृद्यतरे कुचे न्यलैषी: ॥५॥
sapadi cha bhavadiikshaNOtsavena
pramuShitamaanahR^idaaM nitambiniinaam |
atirasa parimukta ka~nchuliike
parichaya hR^idyatare kuche nyalaiShiiH || 5

On account of the intense delight felt by those women on meeting Thee, All their sorrow due to separation from you disappeared, and their bosoms burst outof their blouses with the intensity of their love for Thee. Thou became close to them and one with them

Dasakam: 084 -- Slokam: 06
रिपुजनकलहै: पुन: पुनर्मे समुपगतैरियती विलम्बनाऽभूत् ।
इति कृतपरिरम्भणेत्वयि द्राक् अतिविवशा खलु राधिका निलिल्ये ॥६॥
ripujanakalahaiH punaH punarme
samupagatairiyatii vilambanaa(a)bhuut |
iti kR^ita parirambhaNe tvayi draak
ati vivashaa khalu raadhikaa nililye || 6

On Thy explaining to Radha that, owing to frequent conflicts and quarrels withenemies, there was long delay in Thy coming, and embracing her, she wasoverwhelmed and completely merged with you.

Dasakam: 084 -- Slokam: 07
अपगतविरहव्यथास्तदा ता रहसि विधाय ददाथ तत्त्वबोधम् ।
परमसुखचिदात्मकोऽहमात्मेत्युदयतु व: स्फुटमेव चेतसीति ॥७॥
apagata viraha vyathaastadaa taa
rahasi vidhaaya dadaatha tattvabOdham |
vaH sphuTameva chetasiiti || 7

During that time in privacy when you removed the sorrow of separation as Thou gave them the knowledge of Thy being the Supreme Consciousness Bliss, , the Brahman, the form of the glittering supreme divine joy,  the Self of all beings whereby, they became free from the pangs of separation.

Dasakam: 084 -- Slokam: 08
सुखरसपरिमिश्रितो वियोग: किमपि पुराऽभवदुद्धवोपदेशै: ।
समभवदमुत: परं तु तासां परमसुखैक्यमयी भवद्विचिन्ता ॥८॥
sukharasa parimishritO viyOgaH
kimapi puraa(a)bhavaduddhavOpadeshaiH |
samabhavadamutaH parantu taasaaM
paramasukhaikya mayii bhavadvichintaa || 8

Earlier, owing to the advice of Thy friend and messenger, Uddhava, they haddeveloped mixed feelings of joy and sorrow in separation from Thee. But after this instruction by Thee, they indeed were experiencing Supreme Blissful Union with Thee by a mere thought of Thee.

Dasakam: 084 -- Slokam: 09
मुनिवरनिवहैस्तवाथ पित्रा दुरितशमाय शुभानि पृच्छ्यमानै: ।
त्वयि सति किमिदं शुभान्तरै: रित्युरुहसितैरपि याजितस्तदाऽसौ ॥९॥
munivara nivahaistavaatha pitraa
durita shamaaya shubhaani pR^ichChyamaanaiH |
tvayi sati kimidaM shubhaantaraiH
ityuruhasitairapi yaajitastadaa(a)sau || 9

Thy father, Vasudeva, sought the advice of the great saints assembled there on theauspicious rites to be performed atonement for the sins. Even though the sages were very amused and laughed at such an enquiry And they told him that there was no need, Because you God, was born as his son, But they made him perform the required rites all the same.

Dasakam: 084 -- Slokam: 10
सुमहति यजने वितायमाने प्रमुदितमित्रजने सहैव गोपा: ।
यदुजनमहितास्त्रिमासमात्रं भवदनुषङ्गरसं पुरेव भेजु : ॥१०॥
sumahati yajane vitaayamaane
pramudita mitrajane sahaiva gOpaaH |
yadujana mahitaasitramaasa maatraM
bhavadanuShangarasaM pureva bhejuH || 10
The very big sacrifice was performed which lasted for three months. During that time Thy friends and the gopas were honoured by the Yaadavas and they enjoyed Thy company's pleasure like in the olden days.
Dasakam: 084 -- Slokam: 11
व्यपगमसमये समेत्य राधां दृढमुपगूह्य निरीक्ष्य वीतखेदाम् ।
प्रमुदितहृदय: पुरं प्रयात: पवनपुरेश्वर पाहि मां गदेभ्य: ॥११ 
vyapagama samaye sametya raadhaaM
dR^iDha mupaguuhya niriikshya viitakhedaam |
pramudita hR^idayaH puraM prayaataH
pavanapureshvara paahi maaM gadebhyaH ||11

When the time for departure came, Thou didst go to Radha and hold her in a tightembrace, and seeing that she was free from sorrow, Thou didst leave for Dwaraka witha joyous heart. O Lord of Guruvayur, save me from all my ailments.