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Narayaneeyam Dasakam: 30 -- The Vaamana Incarnation

The Vamana Incarnation
Lord Vamana is the fifth incarnation of Srihari Vishnu. In Vamanavatara (Vaman Avatar), Lord Vishnu appeared as a dwarf Brahmin before King Bali. Mahabali was a wise, benevolent and judicious ruler and beloved of his subjects. Soon his fame as an able king began to spread far and wide, but when he extended his rule to the heavens and the netherworld, the gods felt challenged and began to fear his growing powers. Presuming that he might become over-powerful, Aditi, the mother of Devas pleaded with Lord Vishnu to curtail Mahabali's powers..
Balichakravarthy in his quest for power of Indra, was doing the 100th Ashwamedha Yagna. He had already completed 99 yagnas. If he completes the 100th yagna he would be eligible for the post of Devendra – he can throw out Indra. (The present Indra is Purandara). When Devataas lost their power to Balichakravarthi (King Bali), Adithi, the mother of Devataas requested Sage Kashyapa to get a son who can bring back the powers to Devataas from Daithyaas .At the advice of her husband Kashypa she took a vow of Lord Vishnu for twelve long days and on the thirteenth day Lord Vishnu appeared before Mother Aditi and said, "O Divine lady, invincible though the Asuras are your worship shall not provefruitless. I shall be born as a son to you and protect your progeny."
Months later, on the twelfth day of the bright half of Bhadrapada (the sixth month of the Hindu calendar), Lord Vishnu took his descent from aditi and thus was born the sixth incarnation of Vishnu. Now as the couple stood amazed, Vishnu changed hisform to that of a short - stautured Brahman - The Vamana.Clad in a loin cloth, he carried a staff and a gourd in the hand. He had the matted hair on his head.
Kashyapa Rushi told Aditi to do Payovratha for one year, which she did successfully. As a result of her Jnaana, bhakthi, vairagya, was born Vamana, on Bhadrapada Shudda Dwadashi in Shravana Nakshatra, and Abhijin Muhoortha. This particular dwadashi is also called as Vijaya Tithi.

 When he was born itself, Vamana was having Chaturbhuja, Shanka, Chakra, Gada, Padma. He was neelameghashyama and was having Srivatsa Lanchana. Aditi-Kashyaparu did the Jatakarma Samskara.
Surya did the Gayatri Mantropadesha.
Bruhaspatyacharyaru gave Yagnopaveeta, kashyaparu gave the "darbe Ududaara", Bhoodevi the Krishnajina, Chandra gave Muttugada Danda (palasha).
Aditi gave him koupeena. Brahma gave Kamandalam, saptarishees gave darbe, Saraswathi gave the aksharamale., Kubera gave Bhikshapatre, Annapoorne gave the first bhikshe.
Vamana after Upanayana, did the Agnikaarya and after this Vamana went to Balichakravarthi's Yagna Shaale in Brukukutsa kshetra, near Narmada River north bank. Vishnu transformed himself into a dwarf called Vamana and approached Mahabali while he was performing a yajna and asked for alms. Bali rose from his seat to welcome him. Bali's wife then came with a Golden pitcher full of water to wash Vamana's feet.Then he gave the Brahman( Vamana) the special seat and washed his feet. Bali Chakravarthy on seeing the Baala Brahmachari Vamana, did the paadapooja of the brahmachari and asked him what he wanted? the land, Gold, Mrustanna? marriage, Elephants, Horses, Chariot, etc?  After that he asked, " O holy one, what can I do for you? Take from me whatever you desire
But Vamana kept quiet. Seeing this Bali again said, " Do not hesitate, ask for what ever you want - Cows, Elephants, horses, Chariots, Villages.. anything?" This time Vamana  shooked his head and said, " All I need is a strip of land, Three paces long as measured by my stride."
Bali was very disappointed with Vamana's humble demand and said, " When I am ready to grant you a whole continent, what all you want is only three paces of land ?
Vamana replied, " He who is not satisfied with three paces of land will not be satisfied with the whole continent. I have asked for three paces of land and that is all I need. " Bali laughed and said, " Then you shall have as much you want."
At that moment Guru Shukracharya, realized the truth that the Brahman was non other than Lord Vishnu.As Bali took the consecrating water in his palm, Shukracharya, stopped him by saying that, " Wait, this midget is LordVishnu. He is here to help our enemies, the devtas." " Nothing can be done now , Guru Shukracharya, I have given my words." replied Bali. Shukracharya tried to stop him in many ways but Bali said, " I have promised once that I shall give this Brahman
Guru Shukracharya became very furious that his disciple had dared to disregard his advice he cursed him, " You have ignored my command and you will soon fall from your high position." Vamana just asked him to give three steps of land. Bali was surprised for having asked that little daana. Vamana was satisfied with three steps only. Bali agreed.
"And to everybody's surprise Vamana began to grow and grow. Bali and all others present there were astounded to see the whole creation of the Vamana's body.Now Vamana began to measure the three paces, with his first stride he covered the earth, and with his second stride he covered the Heavens.Bali soon realized that he has been cursed by his Guru and that his fall is inevitable." Vishnu now asked Bali that, " You had promised me three paces of land and I have covered all that was yours in two.where should I place my third stride? You have failed to keep your words and for that you shall suffer."

Bali said, " O lord, I am not afraid of punishment, place your third step on my head, which is more valuable to me than all my possessions put together."
 Vamana then increased his stature and with the first step covered the sky, blotting out the stars, and with the second, straddled the netherworld. Realising that Vamana's third step will destroy the earth, 
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Mahabali offered his head as the last step.Vishnu's fatal third step pushed him to the netherworld, but before banishing him to the underworld Vishnu granted him a boon.
Dasakam: 030 -- Shlokam: 01
शक्रेण संयति हतोऽपि बलिर्महात्मा
शुक्रेण जीविततनु: क्रतुवर्धितोष्मा ।
विक्रान्तिमान् भयनिलीनसुरां त्रिलोकीं
चक्रे वशे स तव चक्रमुखादभीत: ॥१॥

shakreNa sanyati hatO(a)pi balirmahaatmaa
shukreNa jiivitatanuH kratuvardhitOShmaa |
vikraantimaan bhayaniliina suraaM trilOkiiM
chakre vashe sa tava chakramukhaadabhiitaH || 1
The demon Bali, though killed in battle by Indra, was brought back to life by Sukra, thepreceptor of the demons. By performing many sacrifices, he acquired more power andconquered the three worlds So Devas had to flee in fear of the victorious Bali who conquered the three worlds where the Devas had hid themselves., without fear of Thy disc; the gods ran away and hid themselves in fear from him.

Dasakam: 030 -- Shlokam: 02

तं काश्यपं निजपतिं शरणं प्रपन्ना ।
त्वत्पूजनं तदुदितं हि पयोव्रताख्यं
सा द्वादशाहमचरत्त्वयि भक्तिपूर्णा ॥२॥

putraarti darshana vashaadaditirviShaNNaa
taM kaashyapaM nijapatiM sharaNaM prapannaa |
tvatpuujanaM taduditaM hi payOvrataakhyaM
saa dvaadashaahamacharattvayi bhaktipuurNaa || 2

Aditi, the mother of the gods was heartbroken at the sight of her sons, living in fear andsorrow..She approached her husband Kaashyapa for help. He advised her to observe the Payovrata worship unto Thee. She performed it for twelve days with full devotion to Thee.
Dasakam: 030 -- Shlokam: 03

तस्यावधौ त्वयि निलीनमतेरमुष्या:
श्यामश्चतुर्भुजवपु: स्वयमाविरासी: ।
नम्रां च तामिह भवत्तनयो भवेयं
गोप्यं मदीक्षणमिति प्रलपन्नयासी: ॥३॥

tasyaavadhau tvayi niliinamateramuShyaaH
shyaamashchaturbhujavapuH svayamaaviraasiiH |
namraaM cha taamiha bhavattanayO bhaveyaM
gOpyaM madiikshaNamiti pralapannayaasiiH || 3

At the end of the worship, Thou with four arms and blue complexion appeared in front of her whose mind was fixed on Thee.There , at that moment, when she was bowing to Thee, Thou told her that Thou would be born as her son. Thou also charged her to let the meeting be a secret and then Thou disappeared.
Dasakam: 030 -- Shlokam: 04

त्वं काश्यपे तपसि सन्निदधत्तदानीं
प्राप्तोऽसि गर्भमदिते: प्रणुतो विधात्रा ।
प्रासूत च प्रकटवैष्णवदिव्यरूपं
सा द्वादशीश्रवणपुण्यदिने भवन्तं ॥४॥

tvaM kaashyape tapasi sannidadhattadaaniiM
praaptO(a)si garbhamaditeH praNutO vidhaatraa |
praasuuta cha prakaTa vaiShNavadivya ruupaM
saa dvaadashii shravaNa puNyadine bhavantam ||4
Then placing Thyself in Kaashyapa's austerity bourn seed, Thou entered into Aditi's womb. Praised by Brahmaa Thou were delivered as a divine child with evident marks of Vishnu's glory, on the auspicious day of the confluence of Dvaadashi and Shraavana Nakshatra.

Dasakam: 030 -- Shlokam: 05

पुण्याश्रमं तमभिवर्षति पुष्पवर्षै-
र्हर्षाकुले सुरगणे कृततूर्यघोषे ।
बध्वाऽञ्जलिं जय जयेति नुत: पितृभ्यां
त्वं तत्क्षणे पटुतमं वटुरूपमाधा: ॥५॥

puNyaashramaM tamabhivarShati puShpavarShairharShaakule
surakule kR^itatuuryaghOShe |
badhvaa(a)~njaliM jaya jayeti nutaH pitR^ibhyaaM
tvaM tatkshaNe paTutamaM vaTuruupamaadhaaH || 5

The gods exceedingly delighted, sounded auspicious instruments and showeredflowers over the sacred hermitage. While the parents stood with folded hands praisingThy glory repeatedly and heralding Thy victory, Thou instantly assumed the form of adwarf, a competent Brahmachari, well-versed in the Vedas.
Dasakam: 030 -- Shlokam: 06

तावत्प्रजापतिमुखैरुपनीय मौञ्जी-
दण्डाजिनाक्षवलयादिभिरर्च्यमान: ।
देदीप्यमानवपुरीश कृताग्निकार्य-
स्त्वं प्रास्थिथा बलिगृहं प्रकृताश्वमेधम् ॥६॥

taavatprajaapatimukhairupaniiya mau~njiidaN
dediipyamaanavapuriisha kR^itaagnikaaryastvaM
praasthithaa baligR^ihaM prakR^itaashvamedham || 6

Oh Lord ! Then and there, Thy father Kasyapa Prajapati, performed all the ceremonialrites from birth to thread ceremony; Thou wert offered the Mounji grass, the Danda orstick, the deerskin, the Akshamala, or string of beads and so on; adorned by all theseand shining with divine splendour, Thou completed the rites of the sacrificial fire, and proceeded to the house of Bali where he was performing the horse sacrifice.
Dasakam: 030 -- Shlokam: 07

गात्रेण भाविमहिमोचितगौरवं प्रा-
ग्व्यावृण्वतेव धरणीं चलयन्नायासी: ।
छत्रं परोष्मतिरणार्थमिवादधानो
दण्डं च दानवजनेष्विव सन्निधातुम् ॥७॥

gaatreNa bhaavimahimOchitagauravaM praagvyaavR^
iNvateva dharaNiiM chalayannayaasiiH |
ChatraM parOShmatiraNaarthamivaadadhaanO
daNDaM cha daanavajaneShviva sannidhaatum || 7

Though dwarflike in form, Thy dignified gait seemed to forecast the magnificent formThou wert to assume in the future, by the movement of Thy body shaking the earth atevery step; Thy umbrella, seemed to be held to ward off the enemy fire and Thy stick,as if to strike down the demons with it.
Dasakam: 030 -- Shlokam: 08तां नर्मदोत्तरतटे हयमेधशाला-
मासेदुषि त्वयि रुचा तव रुद्धनेत्रै: ।
भास्वान् किमेष दहनो नु सनत्कुमारो
योगी नु कोऽयमिति शुक्रमुखैश्शशङ्के ॥८॥

taaM narmadOttarataTe hayamedhashaalaamaaseduShi
tvayi ruchaa tava ruddhanetraiH |
bhaasvaan kimeSha dahanO nu sanatkumaarO
yOgii nu kO(a)yamiti shukramukhaiH shashanke || 8
As Thou appoached the site of the horse sacrifice, situated on the northern bank of theriver Narmada, the dazzling brilliance of Thy form, blinded Sukra and other sages andthey wondered aloud, who this could be, whether Thou wert the Sun or Fire or the sage Sanatkumara

Dasakam: 030 -- Shlokam: 09

आनीतमाशु भृगुभिर्महसाऽभिभूतै-
स्त्वां रम्यरूपमसुर: पुलकावृताङ्ग: ।
भक्त्या समेत्य सुकृती परिणिज्य पादौ
तत्तोयमन्वधृत मूर्धनि तीर्थतीर्थम् ॥९॥

aaniitamaashu bhR^igubhirmahasaabhibhuutai
stvaaM ramyaruupamasuraH pulakaavR^itaangaH |
bhaktyaa sametya sukR^itii pariNijya paadau
tattOyamanvadhR^ita muurdhani tiirthatiirtham || 9

 Bhrigu and others who were overwhelmed by Thy majestic charm received Thee quickly. The thrilled Asura Bali, with devotion, approached Thee of charming appearance. Asura Bali, who had done noble deeds, washed Thy feet and sprinkled that holiest of the holy waters on his head
Dasakam: 030 -- Shlokam: 10

 प्रह्लादवंशजतया क्रतुभिर्द्विजेषु
विश्वासतो नु तदिदं दितिजोऽपि लेभे ।
यत्ते पदाम्बु गिरिशस्य शिरोभिलाल्यं
स त्वं विभो गुरुपुरालय पालयेथा: ॥१०॥

prahlaadavamshajatayaa kratubhirdvijeShu
vishvaasatO nu tadidaM ditijO(a)pi lebhe |
yatte padaambu girishasya shirO(a)bhilaalyaM
sa tvaM vibhO gurupuraalaya paalayethaaH ||10
The sacred water flowing from Thy feet, adorns the head of Lord Siva. Although ademon by birth, Bali, was fortunate enough to have it sprinkled on his head, perhapsdue to his being born in the dynasty of Prahlada, or due to his sacrifices or because ofhis faith in Brahmins. Oh Guruvayurappa, May Thou of such glory, save me.

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